Friday, August 27, 2010

HALT!! - Thursday's Future Police Photo shoot

Thursday went out for another bike ride and photo shoot since there was a nice breeze blowing again to help keep the Mosquitoes and wasps at bay. Hoping to uses some of these for a "Future Police" art piece some time soon. I'll add "POLICE" in some sort of Blade Runner type font down the Arm and upper thigh areas of the suit in white with a wide strip perhaps in Photoshop. But I would love to get a custom suit made like that. I don't know who can do custom suits like that though, I'll have to look online and see if I can find one of the Zentai shops that will do that sort of customizing without charging some insane fee.

I got my Gooey Brain prop in the mail today so I'll see about getting out for another photo shoot and bike ride with that prop today. On a funny note, yesterday when I was on my way back home I cut through the Forks area via the river trail, there was some sort of stage show going on at the boat docks, crowded with people so I had to ride through very slowly. One of the female staff working said to me; "Superhero or Super Villian?" as I was waiting for some people to get out of the way. I laughed and said; "Both, depends on what yur looking for." She laughed and said; "No doubt. :)" I thought that was funny enough to share :D 

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