Friday, May 29, 2009


When I was out for my morning run I got the idea to do this photo manip with my new "Snakskin" Zentai I picked up recently. It took me a few shots before I managed to get one that I liked. I completly changed the background and the book cover lol. I figured I had to do something while my machine is rendering a 3D background in Bryce for another Sci-Fi piece I'm working on. lol that sucker has been rendering for two days now!! Grrrr... I'll be glad when it's done so I can get to work on that piece :)

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Accidently New Zentai Suit

I ordered a new Zentai suit around the 15th or so, it arrived today, to my surprise NOT the pattern that was pictured in the ad. This one as you can see is a metallic black & silver Leopard print (very cool), the one I ordered was a more abstract sci-fi like pattern which I figured would work well for my UFO/Alien Zentai art. Don't get me wrong, it's a welcome surprise but it means that I still need to get that other suit ;)
This suit is apparently size XXL which according to the ad on eBay should fit up to 6 feet 5 inches in height!! Somehow I can't see that as I'm a good 6 feet 2 inches tall, slim build with a 32 inch waist and this suit is pretty snug on me, I had to REALLY work it on very carefully. These metallic suits are always a bit touchy, of course that being said I have two no make that 3 metallic black suits that fit perfectly and feel amazing... who knows maybe this one just need to be stretched out for a bit? As it is right now bending too far forwards REALLY puts some strain on the suit in some areas, the legs could be an inch longer too... but who knows... maybe after a while it will stretch out a bit in all the right places. It sure photographs very well and should be great for some abstracts.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Standing Amidst the Alien Pods

Another new artwork using one of my photos of me in my new sci-fi suit. I added in the belt and blaster prop, it was kind of tricky to photograph the gun at a good angle to match the perspective of the picture. 3D rendered background in Bryce 6, Blended photo of sky I took one day when I went out for my morning run and a moon I snagged out of my downloaded image stock. Painted over it all in Painter.
I finally got my Snake Skin Zentai suit that I had been looking for for quite some time, it arrived in the mail today. It's fits perfect and feels amazing!! So I'll have to figure something interesting image wise to created with that over the summer.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

New Sci-Fi Art

New piece I worked on recently, futuristic distopian image "Watching the Ships Take Off" Made using one of my own photos, mixed in some 3D buildings, decimated the Winnipeg skyline, changed the sky, painted over a good deal of the image in Painter, I was going to paint the forground grass but then thought against it.
I'm working on another one using a photo from the same series featuring my new Sci-Fi suit. I love this suit the possibilities are endless. I might try and take some more pictures this comming weekend and see if I can get some more action/dramatic poses. I have an idea for fight or struggle with either some tentacled alien beat or some mechanical monster. lol I guess I'll have to construct that in 3D first and try to render it off at the corect angle.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Out for a Run in my new Sci-fi Suit

I took my new sci-fi suit out today when I went running for some pictures. I love this suit, it's AMAZING! The fit is perfect and is made excellent quality. I had, had my eye on one of these suits for a long time but had been hesitant beacause I was a little concerned about the quality. I think it's by far one of the best suits I've bought so far. It has excellent flexibility and moves and bends as much as I can, lol not that I'm super flexible but I'm working on it, and this suit flexes very well. I'm definitely impressed with it. I'll definitely have to pick up a couple more like this one just so I have them in reserve ;)

I should also be able to do some cool UFO, Alien/Sci-fi artworks with some of these shots. Because of it's unique pattern I'm thinking this suit makes an awesome base for things like form fitting spacesuits or Star Treky-like uniforms. In any event it should prove very useful not only for exercising in but future photo/art projects as well.

Friday, May 22, 2009

My new Sci-fi Suit

My new sci-fi suit I picked up recently from eBay. I figure this one because of it's unique patern will make an awsome base for some of my UFO/alien artwork. I can't wait to see what I can do with it when I take it out to do some outdoor photoshoots. Then I can bring the choice ones into my painting applications, mix in some 3D elements of mine and away I go!! Should be fun. I was thinking that this suit would also look great with my new kickin boots I got from Demonia.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

The Visitor 2

I've been working on a short series of UFO / Alien images using some of my outdoor Zentai pictures. This one is titled "the Visitor 2" 2nd in a series. I love this one because of the realistic reflection on the UFO landing craft. What I did was I went out on another day when the sky was the same as when I took the Zentai pictures making sure to stand as close as possible to where the reflections would make sense for the scene, I took a series of pictures 360 degrees (16 pictures in all) and then created a panorama in Photoshop to get them to fit as seemlesly together as possible. I them importes that panorama into HDRI Shop and created a HDRI image which went into 3D Studio Max to serve as not only my reflection map but also my IBL (Image Based Lighting) map. Rendered off the UFO at an angle & perspective to match the Zentai photo, also rendered out a black and white mask so I could isolate the UFO from the background more easily. I had to do some touch up work on my original Zentai photo like remove my running shoes, lol that's something I'll have to try and remember for future Zentai shots that I plan on doing something interesting to in the future is to photograph without my runners ;). Finally added some glow effects for the ship lights and basically that was it, so the UFO's reflections are real reflections from that actual location!!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Red Metalic Zentai Outdoors Photo Shoot

Well I got around to going out in my nice candy apple red metallic Zentai suit today, I figured I would kill two birds with one stone as it were by getting my morning run in and getting some nice outdoors Zentai shots in. I love this suit the way the light plays off of it's surface, the only thing is, is that the suit does not hold up well under the stress of a good workout I discovered, the friction and sweat really took it's toll on the metallic finish especially in areas like under the arms, the feet, and the crotch. So I doubt I'll get much more use out of this suit as far as photography goes. Oh well, at least it survived long enough to get in these wonderful shots, all of which turned out so that went very well. Maybe I'll pick up another suit like this in the future when I have a good 50 bucks to blow :lol:

Saturday, May 2, 2009

New Outdoor Zentai Series

Today was an AWESOME day to get out and take some outdoor Zentai pictures this morning. I managed to retake some of the shots that were overexposed yesterday and this is a bonus, I managed to get some that look like I will be able to add some 3D elements into them and make some interesting alien/UFO art from this set. Some of them I want to try and place some kind of UFO landing craft into the background and maybe do some interesting lighting effects... I'll have to see what I can come up with.
Tomorrow I may try and see if I can go out and take some pictures with my Metallic Red Zentai suit. I've always wondered what type of effect that one will have outdoors against a nice sky blue backdrop, I'm of course hopping that it's as nice out tomorrow like it was today, hmmmm... We'll see.

Friday, May 1, 2009

May 1st Zentai Run

Well today I managed to get out down the Fort Gibralter trail in St. Boniface and take some outdoor Zentai pictures, these are the best some of the others turned out over exposed for some reason even though I had my Exilim digital settings on "Best Shot"... I have no idea why that happens sometimes... strong backlight maybe??

Anyways it was sure good to get out and get some not too bad shots done, hopefully I'll be able to do something interesting with some of these in my artworkk by mixing in some 3D elements or just plain "Gothing" them up a bit in Photoshop and Painter... we'll see.