Tuesday, September 30, 2008

CWX Pro Tights

This morning I felt like going for an extra long run, don't know why really just had some extra energy I guess ;) so I took a little deviation from my usual route to the Forks Market from Point Douglas and this time went over the St. Boniface bridge, past Fort Gibralter all the way down the river trail to the picknic grounds and then back. I stopped off at the Socer field and Base ball diamond and did some excercises. In the attached picture I'm wearing my CWX Pro Tights, which have quickly become my favorites, I only own one pair right now but I'll definitly get some more as they are frackin fantastic! They offer awsome muscle and knee support so you don't get fatigued fast, that and they feel AMAZING!

Monday, September 29, 2008

Fall is Definitly Here!

Fall is definitly here!! :( :) Yes a little bit of both hapiness and sadness, sadness because it means the summer & the warm weather is over, but hapiness because Fall is my favorite time of year, I love the cool but NOT cold air, and the colors.... Ohhhh... the colors. no I have not been smoking any of those Toadstools you see in some of the photos from this series ;) which you can see on my Deviant Art account here:

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Enjoying the last Days of Summer

Yesterday was a nice bike ride out to the Parks. I took a trip out to Kildonan park to see what it's like out there as it's been many years since I was there last... very nice but kinda bussy with people. I stopped by the old Witch's Hut and snaped a few pictures. lol I should try taking a picture of a Squirl there as the grounds were full of them by the Duck Pond and although they are still pretty skitish they seem to be used to people more there as I was able to approach them quite closley... pitty my camera was put away in my back pack at that point though... perhaps next weekend if the weather is nice. Afterwards I went out to I think it's called "Gibalter Park" in St. Boniface and went to my favorite isolated spot... I was oing to see if I could shoot some outdoor Zentai but didn't really feel like it so I just shot some abstracty type stuff. Just chillin in the park in my biking spandex tights with my Zentai on underneath just incase I was suddenly in the mood to do some shots. The sun felt warm but you can certainly feel a slight chill in the air... Ahhh... that's summer ending and Winter aproaching my friends... enjoy the last days while you can.

Friday, September 26, 2008

New Zentai Pictures

I created a new series of Zentai pictures with my new Exilim Digital, using the candle light setting, set up a a Gothic fantasy series with my new red satin sheets and gothic decore, which I'm still kinda tinkering with till I get it to look just right ;)

Thursday, September 25, 2008

New Navy Blue CWX Tights

Ah this today was a nice and sunny fall morning to go out for a run in my new Navy Blue CWX running tights which arrived in the mail yesterday. Very nice, they feel great.

... I still think CWX are the best tights, extremly good quality and durable construction. I don't think I've hada pair wear out yet! My oldest pair is going on two years now and they still seem like new. I think it part it might be how you take care of them as I hand wash them in a mild soap which might be key???... In anyeven they are a damd good make!! I get mine online at Coolfit.com.


Shipping is included in the price which works out very well ;)

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

My New Castellikiss Tights

I went out for my morning run in my new CastelliKiss cycling/running tights... I'm not really crazy about the way these fit and feel.... The front tends to want to creep down a little. They're OK I guess, maybe better for Bike riding than running, but CWX tights are WAY better. Speaking of which my Navy Blue CWX arrived today... Yay! I'll have to wear those for tomorrows morning run. A little chill out this morning that's why I'm wearing my Hoody :D

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Red Satin Bed Sheets Have Arrived

Yay my red satin bed sheets have arrived that I ordered from eBay... WOW! was that ever fast delivery too! You know sometimes I wonder why I even shop at regular stores anymore, most of the time they don't have what you are looking for and you spend a good part of a day looking around to boot, about a week ago I went downtown and checked out every place I could think of that sold bed sheets, every place was just 100% cotton, many colors mind you of 100% cotton but cotton was not what I was in the mood for, I wanted satin sheets because satin sheets feel REALLY slick and slipery against a tightly lycra covered body. I had been missing that experience for some years now and REALLY wanted it back... but sheesh! Do ya thinkk I could find something as simple as either black or red satin sheets anywhere downtown?!?! Nope... but just a few clicks of my mouse on eBay and Whala! A week later they are here by UPS, Sweeeeeeeet!

Plus they'll make for a nice backdrop of color against the black spandex of my Zentai suits for some future photo projects ;)

Monday, September 22, 2008

Zentai Sunday in the Park

Well this weekend Zentai photo and video shoot in the park was a great success. It was so very isolated and quiet for a nice sunny sunday. Very few people were out. Just 2 people ventured into the isolated Socer field to walk there dogs but they respectted my privacy. lol with the exception of one creepy guy that for some reason felt the need to walk all the way accross the field over to where I was camped out. I had my t shirt and cycling tights on at that moment so I certailny didn't look unusual as I'll only shoot if noone is around. lol I like my privacy... some people just have no respect. I mean really!! If I enter into a big open field and I see someone is resting on a blanket with their bike, backpack etcetera, to me it's pretty clear that I should respect their "Personal Space" not venture over and gawk!... shesh I almost felt like saying "Hey buddy, Take a picture it'll last longer." Creep!
You get a few in this town I'll tell ya.
About a month ago there was a creepy old guy kkept showing up at Assiniboine Park at the same place and location I did every weekend, kept staring at me... Creepy! So I stopped going there for a while... sure enough that threw him off... Frakin creeps!
So NEWSFLASH for ya... Respect people personal space and privacy.
Course on the flipside People are curiouse by nature I guess... but like I say I ONLY strip down to my Zentai when there is noone around so they should have no reason to be curious.??

Sunday, September 21, 2008

More Zentai Outdoors

Yesterday was a great success, there were surprisingly very few people out which made doing some outdoor Zentai Photo and Video shoots much more easy and private. Makes me wish I had spent a little more time in the Socer field to have shot more photos and video footage.
lol I think the only traffic I saw was some guy out walking his dog and he didn't stay long, just passing through.
There are some potentially great areas along that trail that would make excellent backdrops for some outdoor Zentai shoots but I'm allways worried that someone is going to come by in the middle of a shoot... lol I guess I'm a lil self concious that way ;)

Friday, September 12, 2008

Dark Gothic Zentai Video Project

This is a first in a short series of experimental Zentai videos with Gothic, macabre, and dark bondage appeal put into them, a little mix of sex and death, the death/orgasmic spasm ;) just artistic visual performance art really, nothing serious, suggestive imagery perhaps mixed with Gothic eerie background music. Purposely converted into black and white footage, with an old movie look put into them to help create a mood and atmosphere... hopefully that is lol.

I'm calling them the Zentai Dark Arts, hopefully they will work out like the creative vision I have, of course a lot will depend on the footage being shot and the environment, props etcetera. I like this first one although in retrospect I think I could have trimmed some of the footage a bit and done something different with the background music but video editing and creating is something of a new medium for me, it's going to take some time getting used to.

Anyways :) Comments and opinions are welcome, especially if it's creative criticism ;)

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Waking Up In Zentai

Sleeping in Zentai is such a wonderfull feeling, waking up slowly in the morning is even more erotic. I get so excited that it's hard to fight the urge to masterbate because then afterwards I would feel like going back to sleep again, lol I wouldn't get any artwork done that way ;)
But on a long weekend or it's sometimes wonderfuly erotic to do that, sleep in and play.
For those who are wondering WTF! Hey I'm a firm believer in "You shouldn't knock it until you've tried it!" I hear that satin or silk bed sheets are equally erotic as well, I can see that so at some point I'll have to invest in some because I can imagine how the sheets would feel cool and slipery against a tightly clad spandexed body.... Mmmmm... Later cool cats... I'll be in my bunk! :D

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Fish & Chips

Well after yesterdays good news from the doctor getting a clean bill of health and all it's off today first to Mountain Equipment LTD on Portage to see if I can get myself a Rain Poncho for when I go out bike riding in potentially crappy weather and for just out walking in the rain, and then it's off to the Villiage for some Fish & Chips at the Toad in the Hole, Mmmmmmm Lovely :P

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Back From The Doctors

Well today turned out to be a good day with good news from the doctor, everything is A.O.K. fit as a Fiddle, Healthy as a Horse, All systems GO!
The Michael Knight Machine ZERO DEFECTS, Slap! Did it feel good? Yup! Then do it again, Slap! Ahhh Zero Defects.
Now that was a relief because I thought I was dyin or something ;) Not much is worse than that long wait in the waiting room wondering what they will have to tell you.... Eeeeeee! Scary... Thank the Maker all is good!
Of course my brain is shot though cause in the Vid I mention that it's Monday when in fact it's Tuesday ;)

New Zentai Projects

Hello I'm new here so hopefully it wont take me too long to figure things out lol.
I've been working on some Zentai Projects lately and posting them to my YouTube Channel I've also been trying to do some outdoor location Zentai Videos and Photos too, very tough in this city to find private isolated areas that do not have Private Property No Tresspassing signs up all over the place lol seems almost everywhere you go these days that's all I see, but that having been said I have managed to fing about one or two locations that are semi-private and not bad for doing some Outdoor Zentai shoots relatively undisturbed.