Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Red Satin Bed Sheets Have Arrived

Yay my red satin bed sheets have arrived that I ordered from eBay... WOW! was that ever fast delivery too! You know sometimes I wonder why I even shop at regular stores anymore, most of the time they don't have what you are looking for and you spend a good part of a day looking around to boot, about a week ago I went downtown and checked out every place I could think of that sold bed sheets, every place was just 100% cotton, many colors mind you of 100% cotton but cotton was not what I was in the mood for, I wanted satin sheets because satin sheets feel REALLY slick and slipery against a tightly lycra covered body. I had been missing that experience for some years now and REALLY wanted it back... but sheesh! Do ya thinkk I could find something as simple as either black or red satin sheets anywhere downtown?!?! Nope... but just a few clicks of my mouse on eBay and Whala! A week later they are here by UPS, Sweeeeeeeet!

Plus they'll make for a nice backdrop of color against the black spandex of my Zentai suits for some future photo projects ;)

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