Sunday, September 28, 2008

Enjoying the last Days of Summer

Yesterday was a nice bike ride out to the Parks. I took a trip out to Kildonan park to see what it's like out there as it's been many years since I was there last... very nice but kinda bussy with people. I stopped by the old Witch's Hut and snaped a few pictures. lol I should try taking a picture of a Squirl there as the grounds were full of them by the Duck Pond and although they are still pretty skitish they seem to be used to people more there as I was able to approach them quite closley... pitty my camera was put away in my back pack at that point though... perhaps next weekend if the weather is nice. Afterwards I went out to I think it's called "Gibalter Park" in St. Boniface and went to my favorite isolated spot... I was oing to see if I could shoot some outdoor Zentai but didn't really feel like it so I just shot some abstracty type stuff. Just chillin in the park in my biking spandex tights with my Zentai on underneath just incase I was suddenly in the mood to do some shots. The sun felt warm but you can certainly feel a slight chill in the air... Ahhh... that's summer ending and Winter aproaching my friends... enjoy the last days while you can.

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