Monday, September 22, 2008

Zentai Sunday in the Park

Well this weekend Zentai photo and video shoot in the park was a great success. It was so very isolated and quiet for a nice sunny sunday. Very few people were out. Just 2 people ventured into the isolated Socer field to walk there dogs but they respectted my privacy. lol with the exception of one creepy guy that for some reason felt the need to walk all the way accross the field over to where I was camped out. I had my t shirt and cycling tights on at that moment so I certailny didn't look unusual as I'll only shoot if noone is around. lol I like my privacy... some people just have no respect. I mean really!! If I enter into a big open field and I see someone is resting on a blanket with their bike, backpack etcetera, to me it's pretty clear that I should respect their "Personal Space" not venture over and gawk!... shesh I almost felt like saying "Hey buddy, Take a picture it'll last longer." Creep!
You get a few in this town I'll tell ya.
About a month ago there was a creepy old guy kkept showing up at Assiniboine Park at the same place and location I did every weekend, kept staring at me... Creepy! So I stopped going there for a while... sure enough that threw him off... Frakin creeps!
So NEWSFLASH for ya... Respect people personal space and privacy.
Course on the flipside People are curiouse by nature I guess... but like I say I ONLY strip down to my Zentai when there is noone around so they should have no reason to be curious.??

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