Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Life the Universe and Everything

So the ol Odometer is ticking over tomorrow and I'll be the big 47! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME! So I thought I would share some random thoughts about life in general based on my experiences over these last 47 years. Do I feel any different? Nope not even a little in fact I feel better these days then way back in the 90's when I was married, now I REALLY did feel old then, I had a 42 inch waist and had no energy to do anything. I would even go as far as to say I think I was dying slowly each day in that toxic relationship, and such a slow death is NO way to live so I'm very glad that all of that is good and well behind me. It's strange actually because I feel better now even than when I was in high school, I can run faster and farther than I could when I was in my teens, there is something very odd about that I've always felt. But now I go running almost every day (weather permitting) usually at least 3 times a week minimum, I bike ride whenever possible, go for long walks. I can't really say I watch what I eat a great deal, maybe a little but I love my bacon and eggs for breakfast on the weekends and my two to 3 bags of Doritos on the weekends as well. I have a perfect 32 inch waist now and seem to be maintaining, must be those alien genetics kicking in lol :D

So what have I learned over those 40+ years? Well it's a long list.
Money does NOT make you happy, Oh sure it makes life a little easier but you REALLY have to ask yourself how much stress and crap are you willing to live with to get that huge amount of cash for all those expensive toys that most people think makes them happy, because I'll tell you from my perspective if you are living your life just to pay your bills then that is NOT living my friend. I mean there are people I know shelling out a fortune for a big house or a super expensive apartment when it quite literally just a place they hang their hat, now I could see it if you worked from home say and were making boatloads of cash. And then there is that vehicle, oh god don't get me started on that little number. Well, OK just a little ;) Most of my friends are in this little trap, big vehicle payments every month, insurance, gas, and my personal favorite the unexpected $500 dollar repair job that always seems to crop up. Whenever we go for coffee that's pretty much all they talk about for a good half hour is how much that thing is costing them and in the same breath they'll say, "You should really get one." I mean REALLY did you just listen to yourself for the last half hour lol

And then there is that job, sure you have to do it right... that's all fine and dandy but for the love of god and your own health get a job that you love doing. If you wake up every morning with that certain sense of dread where you can feel it in the pit of your stomach and just the thought of going to your job drives you nuts and you just plain hate it.... QUIT! Right there on the spot and find something where you get up in the morning with a completely different feeling where you can't wait to get there because you love the work, the environment, the people are more like family than co-workers.... because if you don't yur a heart attack waiting to happen... I read little statistic many years ago; "Most people suffer their first heart attack between the early morning hours either preparing for or on their way to a job they couldn't stand." Food for thought my friends. In fact I would say apply that to pretty much anything you do in life weather it's job or relationships, if you are not totally happy in it move on, don't just say... "Well I'm surviving!" Cause that ain't living!! I mean take me, I'm not making boat loads of cash doing what I do but my time is my own, I come and go as I please, I pay my bills, but best of all I'm happy as a clam ;) Yeah I would like my Internet sales to be higher but I know that will come as long as I keep doing what I love and always have the same passion and enthusiasm for it. I'm being creative and that's what I love it's what feeds my soul, and for me there is nothing more important than that.... "Hmmm put that in your memory bank robot." - Little "Lost in Space" reference there ;)

UFOs and Aliens: Yeah they are here and have been for quite some time, believe me when I say this, I've had this interest for as long as I can remember. I remember the very first time my dad read a UFO story out of the newspaper to us, I just thought, yup, makes sense to me, I had no trouble believing any of it. Over the years I must have read well over 200 books on the subject and watched hundreds of documentaries. So first off: "So if aliens exist why don't they land on the White house lawn and introduce themselves?" You hear this all the time right? Well the answer to that is not so tough, have you ever watched an episode of "Cops", or "Operation Repo", the news or any reality TV for that matter. If that does not answer your question let me sum it up. Basically we are a primitive species still engaged in petty conflicts and tribal warfare. If you were them would you want to have anything to do with us. Secondly I've learned that what ever the UFO secret is, it's a lot more darker than just aliens abducting people, crop circles and cattle mutilations.

Some of my favorite quotes:

"Be as Innocent as doves but as wise as serpents." (So Beautiful and Dangerous by Angus McKie)
"A dog will not howl if you beat him with a bone." (So Beautiful and Dangerous by Angus McKie)
"In an infinite and improbable Universe anything is possible." (Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy)

So it's my birthday tomorrow and what am I going to do, well the weather is supposed to be not the best but I'll probably venture out to have a great lunch, possibly at the Mondragon, I've been craving a nice Roti and a BĂȘte Noire to wash it down lately. Then I'll probably go out to Polo Park and check out a movie, if the weather is clear, most probably walk home with an ice cream or milkshake and pickup a six of McEwans from the LC on my way. Ahh such as the life of a professional slacker. :)

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