Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Canada Day Out and About

Yeah I'm posting a day late but I just wanted to take a quick moment and mention that I hope everyone had a safe and happy Canada Day yesterday?

I got out and about the city on my bike in my bright red Zentai Suit. Had my picture taken a few times lots of cool comments. I wanted to wear my "Canadians Kick Ass" t shirt But it was a little too hot out to wear a t shirt over the suit. I was nice and cool in the suit all day so that was great. I checked out Osborne Villiage's Canada Day street fest but I was there before noon and I think a lot of it was still being set up but there were lots of people and they had the mini donuts van set up Mmmmm Mini donuts.

I checked out the Legislature grounds and they were setting up the Cannons to salute Canada Day. Lots of people at the Legislature grounds getting ready for that event. I headed back down the the Forks Market area to have lunch and watch the boats on the river and then later on headed over to Whittier Park close to Fort Gibralter. On the way past the Fork I could see the people inside in period costume doing a salute with the old musket riffles, very cool.

I took a little snooze under the shade of a huge Oak Tree for a little while before calling it a day and heading home via the Waterfront trail.