Friday, August 20, 2010

Secret Handshake 6.0

Last nights Secret Handshake meet up group of the Winnipeg Creative Society held at the LO Pub was another awesome event. This was my second attendance at this meet up. I especially liked the table top tent cards at this meet up, I thought that was an especially nice touch and a really great idea.

The Veggie Burger platter was AWESOME, I was so glad I decided to have my dinner at the pub this time round because it was well worth the wait, heck, I was hungry enough to have devoured two of those platters lol

Second Sight Photography had set up a photo booth at this meet up, I was REALLY wishing that I had brought my steam punk Ray Gun prop to the event, but alas there was no room in my bag with all my free postcards that I was giving away. Although I'm not sure how many people took cards or were even aware that they were there for everyone to browse through and take whatever they liked, I guess it pays to check the Secret Handshake message postings ;)
I left around 10:00 ish or so as it was past my bed time, yeah I'm such a burnout I know lol. But I left my postcards and new Zazzle Business cards next to the Second Sight Photo booth just in case anyone wanted some cards. Looking forward to the next one, especially the Halloween one if were holding one cause... well... I'll let you figure that one out ;)

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