Friday, January 29, 2010

The Unsucessfull

Well last weekend kinda sucked. I was hoping to get some great shots outdoors with the awesome fog we had but as things did not go quite as I would have liked. Now I'm gonna sound kinda "Ranty" on this so bear with me and let me vent a little... mostly my own fault so not to worry ;)

For starters I worked up too much of a sweat (not that, that's a bad thing for exercise value) ;) , but my frost grey Zentai suit got all sweaty and so none of the pictures were any good. Maybe I can do some paint overs with them later on and make some art out of them... Who knows... I'll see.
Secondly... and this one REALLY gets my goat, is stooped people with bad dogs not having them on a leash when they should be... we have a leash law in this town. Not that anybody abides by it lol. I had this stooped dog grab my hoodie that my camera was purched on and so I got snow in the lens... spent an hour later cleaning it up.... all the idiot dog owner says... is "Sorry about that." Y'know... my pappy always said "If you aint got anything nice to say then don't say anything at all." So I kept my mouth shut otherwise I'd have said something not very nice to that pin head.
Sorry for the rant... but had to vent ;)

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

New Bulldog Class Space Fighter

I finally finished my latest 3D model project, a "Bulldog" class space fighter. The mode is very detailed and has retractable front landing gear, a cockpit canopy that can be opened and closed. Now I'll have another cool spacecraft to use in my 3D renders.
model is available for purchase on my Turbosquid account here: