Saturday, August 21, 2010

New Gothic Zentai Shots

Although it was supposed to have been thunderstorms all day yesterday it sure didn't look like it so I headed out on my bike to my favorite isolated field along Mission street to do a few Gothic Zentai shots with my new Porcupine or Hedgehog backpack that I had picked up from eBay. I took along my gas mask and wore my Demonia Goth Boots, I was supposed to bring my Steam Punk styled Ray gun but I forgot so I made do with what I brought. If it's nice out today like they say it's supposed to be I'll have to make sure that I bring it along this time.

I love my new backpack, I think it REALLY looks great with this suit and with the boots as well it makes for a really cool outfit.

I was trying to get some cool perspective shots as well as some more spookier looking shots that I'll most likely rework in Light Room or Painter, not yet decided on which way to go there, I've got so many new images to process.

Afterwards it was off to Assiniboine Park again for lunch which was running a little late since I set out a little later that I would have liked, it was already 12:30 ish and they were still calling for afternoon thundershowers so I was tempted to just stick fairly close to home and possibly even just have my lunch at the Forks. But I looked at the sky and it was pretty clear for as far as the eye could see so I figured what the heck, I should have plenty of time for the trip to Assiniboine, lunch and still be home in time for my "UFO Hunters" episode :D

On Pasing by the mushroom growers on Mission street there were some workers outside having their lunch and they yelled out "Hey cool, Spiderman!" So I had to acknowledge that with a thumbs up as I rode by. Once I got to the foot bridge at the Forks that passes over the river to the main street side there were some teens on the bridge, a group of girls and a couple of guys just hanging out, one of the girls whistled at me as I rode by and said "I like your backpack." lol I don't think that's what she REALLY meant though ;) Isn't that terrible? I'm old enough to be her dad!! lol

After lunch at Assiniboine park I could see it was getting a little cloudy out which came up pretty quickly so it being about 2:00 PM I figured I had better start heading back, got caught in the rain a little on the way back but that was no biggie since I was going to hit the shower as soon as I got home anyways... just in time for "UFO Hunters" which was already a good 20 minutes into the show after I got out of the shower.

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