Monday, August 9, 2010

Modays Skinsuit Bike Ride With Helmet

So another day that was hot as heck a good 33 degrees Celsius, way too hot to be couped up indoors working on the computer so out I went on my bike out to Assiniboine park again. This time decided to wear my bike helmet, seeing all those commercials on TV lately to wear your helmet got me thinking that since I own one I REALLY should wear it, after all it the smart & safe thing to do. Funny thing is, is that with the helmet on and my black shiny Zentai on people seemed to stare at me less today strangely, the helmet is almost like a "Doctor Who perception filter" or something lol. At first I thought that maybe it was just because it was Monday and not too many people were out, but there were still a good deal of people in the park. And when it was time to head for home it was close to rush hour so all the worker drones were on the road busily heading home and no one seemed to notice me too much zipping by in my spandex Zentai (hood down) and my bike helmet. So yeah, cool, helmets the way to go, Smart, safe, and seems to somehow complete the look. ;)

The cool thing also is, is that while riding through Assiniboine park I got a prize from two volunteers of the "Sport Medicine & Science Council of Manitoba" who were handing out gifts for people they caught wearing their helmets... very cool :D

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