Thursday, August 19, 2010

Porcupine Backpack & Skinsuit

I got my Porcupine Backpack in the mail today that I had ordered from eBay so I decided to take it out for a test ride with my metallic black Zentai suit as I figured the two would look pretty cool together since they both have a nice shine to them.

I went out to Assiniboine park and had my lunch on the Portage side of the park before heading across the river bridge to the main park area to search out a good spot to take some pictures. Got eaten alive by mosquitoes today despite all the dragonflies about eating them. lol

Set up at one of the soccer fields since no one was playing and snapped off a few shots with the suit and my new Porcupine backpack. I think it looks pretty cool with the suit. Got a lot of looks, kids seemed to think it was pretty cool. I got asked where I got it, to which I replied. "eBay... you get all the cool stuff on eBay."

I kept thinking the whole time I was riding out to the park that I should have worn my Demonia Goth Boots as I think they would have REALLY completed the whole look I had going on here.... ahhh well... next time I go I guess since I've not worn them all summer long :(

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