Sunday, August 8, 2010

Sundays Skinsuit Bike Ride

Well as promised I headed out for another bike ride in just my shiny black Zentai today (hood down). I figured because it was going to be a good 30 degrees Celsius today I would wear this suit as opposed to my metallic black Zentai which has that rubbery sort of coating on it and this one catches the sunlight very well and breaths a lot better for a really warm day. I was cool as a cucumber out riding like this today, no t-shirt as I took it off very shortly after leaving my home near the Louise Bridge (spelling??). Anyways This is me starting out at my favorite isolated field along Mission street, I was going to shoot some basic shots but could not really think of anything new that I had not already done so I shot an introductory video to explain my bike riding plan for today and then it was off to Assiniboine park via the same route as yesterday... only once I got up to the train tracks on Wellington street I thought "Lets go across the foot bridge that runs parallel to the tracks and go the Assiniboine via the trail on the other side of the river."

Once out at Assiniboine I headed over to my favorite big old shady Oak tree to have my lunch, chug some much needed water and relax for a bit while getting my camera ready, a little too late it seemed as there was a little squirrel happily scampering from tree to tree and then he came right up to where I was sitting and just sort of froze there no more than 2 feet away making little "Meep, meep" sounds... cute lil fella. Odd for squirrels to do that as they are usually so skittish and scamper away if you get too close to them... not this brave lil fella though. But I sure wish I had my camera ready as it would have been a perfect opportunity to get one up so close.

Kind of strange for a sunny Sunday, not as many comments from passerbys today as yesterdays bike ride in my metallic black Zentai despite the fact that there were lots of people out enjoying the nice sunny weather.

After a little while I decided to snap some profile abstract shots at odd angles just for the what the heck value since my little squirrel friend had disappeared up into the tree behind me, I guess I scared him away with my camera lol

I was going to shoot a mid point video so I was setting up my shot to make sure I was in frame properly, but that park bench I'm sitting on is unusually high off the ground and that's odd for me as I'm a good 6 feet 2 inches tall lol. So after mucking about for a bit trying to get a good angle I said "Screw it!... I'll just do a closing comments vid when I get over to the main part of the park on the other side of the river." But I kinda liked this shot even if it borders on a "crotch shot". lol

I eventually moved over to a tree that was about 20 feet away closer to the river to maybe try and get a few shots with the hood up, but the spot I picked was right next to a big ants nest so I got one shot and figured that I would pack up and head over the foot bridge to the main park area, cycle around for a little while and then get ready to wrap it up for the day as it was getting close to 2:30 PM and I had been out since about 10:30 AM.

I eventually ended up on the far side of the park close to that big black locomotive that is on display there, well, not REALLY close to there but in that general sort of area of the park, I found a great spot that was shady and secluded and figured that I would do my wrap up video there, so I set up my shot to make sure that I was in frame correctly and started recording.

Overall I would say it was another successful outing in just my Zentai/skinsuit as I like to call it when the hood is down and tucked inside the neck line. Not a singe negative comment from anyone today, got some interesting looks and some head turns, of course like I've mentioned before people are used to seeing lots of cyclists in the park so I'm sure I didn't look to unusual... which reminds me that I should REALLY wear my helmet more when I go out as it helps complete the look and lets not forget that safety issue eh? ;)

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