Sunday, May 23, 2010

Zentai and the Bike

As promised in my last posting these are my shots of my Black Zentai with my bike. In an effort to come up with interesting images for my online shops; Zazzle, Cafe Press and Red Bubble, I've been out scouting out hopefully interesting locations that are a little off the beaten path so to speak that I can take some Zentai shots. I would love to get some color suits outdoors more but this is kind of strange, I notice that people look at me funny when I'm wearing a colored Zentai, but not as much at all when I'm wearing black, isn't that an odd thing that color should make all that much difference, maybe it's psychological or something, sounds like a human nature study to be done there I guess lol. Of couse that being said I am planning to go out on Canada Day in my Red Zentai with my "Canadian Kick Ass" T-shirt that I picked up from my Zazzle shop. I'm thinking that should be fun and hopefully given the holiday, totally acceptable lol, this is the suit that will have the eye holes open that I plan on sewing sunglass lenses onto... give it a sort of "Spidy" look.

Sunny Weather Brings out the Zentai

Well with all the nice sunny weather we have been having here in Winnipeg it's been just ideal to get out on my bike and explore some good spots to do outdoor Zentai shots. Some of my other favorite places like Little Mountain park have been a little to busy as of late so I've been opting for newer more isolated spots, which are tough to find in this city.
I took a set out by that isolated trail I mention in my previous posting using the auto focus setting on my Exilim digital, but as you can see they didn't turn out as expected, my camera chose to focus on the foreground in a few of the shots. I was going to delete them originally but looking at them further I thought they looked kind of neat in their own right so I saved them.
I took another set in Zentai standing along side my bike down the path that goes under the train bridge, I'll upload those in my next posting. However they are on my Deviant Art.

Monday, May 17, 2010

This Weekend's Zentai Shoot

Well our weather was AWESOME this past weekend so out I went on my bike trying to scout out some interesting locations. I did manage to find a nice isolated sort of trail close to the Elmwood area of town. I was hoping for a bit more sunshine in the early hours of Sunday morning but it was pretty cloudy out which was shame since this black Zentai suit reflects the light better in nice bright sunshine, however by the time I had ridden my bike all the way out to Assiniboine park the sky had cleared up very nicely. I stoped for a rest in Assiniboine park by the big old Canadian National Steam Engine on display. And then it was off to Airforce Way where I figured if it was quiet enough out there that I might manage to get a few shots of my black Zentai by the Aircraft on display at the memorial park. By the time I got there I was starving so it was well time for lunch, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, Mmmmmm lovely :P
Well, hopefully if the future forcast can be trusted next weekend is suposed to be equally awesome so I'll have to see what I can get done next weekend. I'm hoping my red Zentai will arrive in the mail before Canada Day. ;)