Saturday, August 14, 2010

Human Flesh is Porky Meat

So Friday brought forth an odd inspiration since both my roomies were not home and I had the whole place to myself for the day I was listening to one of my favorite songs called "Men in Black" by The Stranglers and I felt inspired to do a short Zentai/Gasmask Gothic series.

I used one of the low light settings for my Casio Exilim Digital for candle light which keeps the shutter open longer and disables the flash so you get a little motion blur in the shot. I set up in our kitchen. The shot at the left was kind of an after thought as I finished taking shots at the dinner table. Personally I think this one is the best of the set.

This was the shot I liked best from the dinner table. And remember MDK Graphics in No Way Shape Or Form Supports or Condones Cannibalism, however if you should find your self stranded on some deserted island with no food or water just you and the other survivors... well then, it's Bon App├ętit time :D 

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