Wednesday, June 24, 2009


I ordered some of my artwork & Zentai postcards from my shop on Zazzle. I was very impressed with the quality when they arrived in the mail. I ordered about 4 of each one seen here but now I'm thinking I need to get some more since these went so fast as I ordered them to give away to friends as a means of self promotion. I was equally impressed with the magnets I ordered from my other shop on Cafe Press too. lol I have a friend who has a set of both magnets and postcards proudly displayed on her fridge ;) It's a good thing I've placed another order because I want to try and keep some for myself lol

Sunday, June 14, 2009

New Sci-Fi Suit Pictures

This weekend the weather was perfect for a bike ride so I got out both days for a bike ride. I didn't take any pictures on Saturday, I was just more doing some scouting out of locations, but Sunday I managed to take some great shots in this out of the way junk yard in Point Douglass early in the morning. I figured that some of the interesting junk and huge pieces of scrap metal in there might make for some neat looking backgrounds for my sci-fi suit. I just put one up here for now as just a teaser, I'll upload the whole set tomorrow sometime to my Deviant Art account.

Friday, June 12, 2009

New Gothic Art Piece

It's been a little while since I did a nice Gothic collage piece so I figure I was well overdue lol. This one is my symbolic representation of the "Fall of Eden's Garden." Lots of abstract symbolism here that at first glance might not be apparent. The Snake man, representative of the Snake that enters into the Garden of Eden, the apple of knowledge with the "all seeing eye," (Illuminati if you like) shedding a single tear of blood, which usually symbolizes the final submission of the soul to the devil, lol make of that what you will, it's all open to interpretation ;), There are all sorts of other visuals that I have left quite open to interpretation ;)
The Fall of the Garden of Eden
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UPDATE! I just got a Todays Best Award on Zazzle for this piece :D

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Suspended Videos on You Tube

OK, I just do not for the life of me understand what in blazes You Tube had a issue with two of my Zentai videos, several months ago they suspended my account and nuked one of my videos because it 'apparently' violated their policy!! And just yesterday I received an email telling me that they suspended it's counterpart, (Both videos had been up there for about a year btw) I mean really WTF, first off there is no nudity, obscenity, or even remotely what I would call sexually explicit content in ANY of my videos, at least nothing that we haven't seen on MTV, Much Music or even regular TV for that matter, so what gives?!? Basically the two videos were just me dancing around in my black metallic Zentai with some dubbed in music that I got from "Flashkit" (freeware music btw) so there is NO licensing issue there.

And I'll tell you another thing, I have seen far, FAR worse videos posted to You Tube and I notice that they have been there for a good 2 years or longer so I just don't get that. lol maybe I'm just taking it too personally but it REALLY bugs me when I can't justify stupid actions like that, at least tell me WHAT specifically you find so offensive about a video. I almost feel like writing them a letter to this effect but y'know what, I'm really, REALLY just to busy with other projects to be bothered with stupid little things like this.

And they say we live in a "Freedom of Speech" society. Well that's my rant for the day lol.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Animated Zentai Smiley

When I was on Ayus Zentai Forum this morning I came accross this cool looking Zentai Smiley. It's an animated smiley getting him/herself all zipped up in tight stretchy spandex. lol Does anyone know where it comes from and how you can add it to your postings

Sunday, June 7, 2009

New Photo postings to my Flickr

Spent a little time this morning posting some Zentai pictures up to my Flickr account. I'm only allowed to upload 100 MB per month so sometimes some images get left out of the loop until the following month. I uploaded one from my "Candy Apple Metallic Red Zentai" and all but one from my latest "Snakeskin Zentai set". I'll have to add that last snakeskin one and whatever new ones I do next month, Same Bat Time! Same Bat Channel! lol

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Snakeskin Zentai Exercising Part 2

Part 2 of my exercising in my new Snakeskin Zentai. I was going to edit these with some music for the background but then after reviewing them I decided that I liked the quiet sounds of the birds chirping and the distant sounds of a woodpecker off in the distance beter lol. Again please forgive the ocasional sniffling I'm still geting over my nasty cold ;)

Snakeskin Zentai Exercising Part 1

Out for my morning run and decided to do a quick video of me doing some stretching excercises in my new Snakeskin Zentai. Please forgive the occasional sniffling, I'm still getting over my nasty cold lol
Right now this is as flexible as I am, but I'm trying to work on becomming more flexible as I figure it will make for more interesting pictures for my "Zentai Art" those lower back stretches are a real bugger, I have a long, long ways to go in that area ;)

These are not a complete excersise routine, just a few quick ones for the video although it sure was nice enough out to do a full routine in the park. Part 2 of this video in on my You Tube channel.

Friday, June 5, 2009

New Snakeskin Zentai Pictures

I was going to post this, this morning but I was a little pressed for time as I had to go downtown to do some errands and then stop off at Bourbon pool hall for my usual death burger with poutine fries with loads of pepper lol and a few games of pool with some of my friends there.
It was not an especially nice day out this morning on my run, cloudy with only a few sunny breaks, it had been like that all day too, even a little on the chilly side with the windchill, but I braved the coolness anyways and ventured out on my run down the Fort Gibralter trail and snapped a few snakeskin Zentai pictures at my favorite big rock and then moved onto the soccer field and snapped a few more. This one is my favorite from a new set of seven images. I've only uploaded them so far to Zazzle, Red Bubble and Cafe Press, I'll upload them to my Deviant Art account tomorrow morning sometime. But they are available on some cool products in my online shops ;)

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Mad Robot Fake Pulp Cover

It's been a little while since I produced a good old fashioned fake retro pulp cover so I figure I was long over due lol.

I painted the image in Painter and added some elements in photoshop, back into painter to paint over them and then back again into photoshop for creating the "fake pulp cover look".
Fake pulp cover of Mad Robots and Flying Saucer Terror.
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Shirts with a Sassy attitude! Say it before the Redneck Zombies do go git'yurself one and make me filthy stinking rich :D

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

New Snakeskin Zentai Shoot

It was a perfect morning for a Zentai shoot so I grabbed my Exilim digital and went out for a run with my new Snakeskin Zentai suit. I managed to snag some great shots. This one is my favorite from the shoot, you can view the whole set on my Deviant Art account if you like. Comments are most welcome :D
Some of these I might tart-up a bit in Photoshop and see what I can come up with, I'll have to stare at them for a long while and see what sparks the ol imagination lol. I've made some of the images from the set available as products in my shops like Zazzle and such for things like Framed Prints, posters, Magnets, Buttons, Mouse pads, Mugs,... you get the idea. So if there is one you REALLY like, you can get it one a cool product. Links to my shops are located at the right of this Blog ;)
This suit is REALLY comfortable BTW, I could stay in this thing all day, it's an awesome fit... y'know... kinda off topic I guess but I just don't get people who say tights are uncomfortable!! I think they're on Crack! They have to be in fact the MOST comfortable item of clothing out there... ahh well for what it's worth that's my 2 cents worth lol