Saturday, August 28, 2010

Got Brains

Just Remember Who Has the Brains Around Here! lol As promised I headed out Friday to do another shoot with my new brain prop I got from Twisted Grins on eBay, this time in my other shiny black Zentai, I knew it was going to be another hot day so I was glad I chose this suit, kept the sun off me while out bike riding for a good 4 1/2 hours.

Snapped this series out at my favorite vacant field before heading out to Assiniboine park for lunch and to just relax. We had another good breeze blowing so that made it even more enjoyable being out on my bike for so long. You can check out the whole series on my Deviant Art if you like. I just picked out these three because they were few of my favorites from the series.

I touched up this series in Lightroom using the Direct Positive preset because I really liked the high contrast and darker colors it presented and then a little additional tweaking.

Friday, August 27, 2010

HALT!! - Thursday's Future Police Photo shoot

Thursday went out for another bike ride and photo shoot since there was a nice breeze blowing again to help keep the Mosquitoes and wasps at bay. Hoping to uses some of these for a "Future Police" art piece some time soon. I'll add "POLICE" in some sort of Blade Runner type font down the Arm and upper thigh areas of the suit in white with a wide strip perhaps in Photoshop. But I would love to get a custom suit made like that. I don't know who can do custom suits like that though, I'll have to look online and see if I can find one of the Zentai shops that will do that sort of customizing without charging some insane fee.

I got my Gooey Brain prop in the mail today so I'll see about getting out for another photo shoot and bike ride with that prop today. On a funny note, yesterday when I was on my way back home I cut through the Forks area via the river trail, there was some sort of stage show going on at the boat docks, crowded with people so I had to ride through very slowly. One of the female staff working said to me; "Superhero or Super Villian?" as I was waiting for some people to get out of the way. I laughed and said; "Both, depends on what yur looking for." She laughed and said; "No doubt. :)" I thought that was funny enough to share :D 

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Life the Universe and Everything

So the ol Odometer is ticking over tomorrow and I'll be the big 47! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME! So I thought I would share some random thoughts about life in general based on my experiences over these last 47 years. Do I feel any different? Nope not even a little in fact I feel better these days then way back in the 90's when I was married, now I REALLY did feel old then, I had a 42 inch waist and had no energy to do anything. I would even go as far as to say I think I was dying slowly each day in that toxic relationship, and such a slow death is NO way to live so I'm very glad that all of that is good and well behind me. It's strange actually because I feel better now even than when I was in high school, I can run faster and farther than I could when I was in my teens, there is something very odd about that I've always felt. But now I go running almost every day (weather permitting) usually at least 3 times a week minimum, I bike ride whenever possible, go for long walks. I can't really say I watch what I eat a great deal, maybe a little but I love my bacon and eggs for breakfast on the weekends and my two to 3 bags of Doritos on the weekends as well. I have a perfect 32 inch waist now and seem to be maintaining, must be those alien genetics kicking in lol :D

So what have I learned over those 40+ years? Well it's a long list.
Money does NOT make you happy, Oh sure it makes life a little easier but you REALLY have to ask yourself how much stress and crap are you willing to live with to get that huge amount of cash for all those expensive toys that most people think makes them happy, because I'll tell you from my perspective if you are living your life just to pay your bills then that is NOT living my friend. I mean there are people I know shelling out a fortune for a big house or a super expensive apartment when it quite literally just a place they hang their hat, now I could see it if you worked from home say and were making boatloads of cash. And then there is that vehicle, oh god don't get me started on that little number. Well, OK just a little ;) Most of my friends are in this little trap, big vehicle payments every month, insurance, gas, and my personal favorite the unexpected $500 dollar repair job that always seems to crop up. Whenever we go for coffee that's pretty much all they talk about for a good half hour is how much that thing is costing them and in the same breath they'll say, "You should really get one." I mean REALLY did you just listen to yourself for the last half hour lol

And then there is that job, sure you have to do it right... that's all fine and dandy but for the love of god and your own health get a job that you love doing. If you wake up every morning with that certain sense of dread where you can feel it in the pit of your stomach and just the thought of going to your job drives you nuts and you just plain hate it.... QUIT! Right there on the spot and find something where you get up in the morning with a completely different feeling where you can't wait to get there because you love the work, the environment, the people are more like family than co-workers.... because if you don't yur a heart attack waiting to happen... I read little statistic many years ago; "Most people suffer their first heart attack between the early morning hours either preparing for or on their way to a job they couldn't stand." Food for thought my friends. In fact I would say apply that to pretty much anything you do in life weather it's job or relationships, if you are not totally happy in it move on, don't just say... "Well I'm surviving!" Cause that ain't living!! I mean take me, I'm not making boat loads of cash doing what I do but my time is my own, I come and go as I please, I pay my bills, but best of all I'm happy as a clam ;) Yeah I would like my Internet sales to be higher but I know that will come as long as I keep doing what I love and always have the same passion and enthusiasm for it. I'm being creative and that's what I love it's what feeds my soul, and for me there is nothing more important than that.... "Hmmm put that in your memory bank robot." - Little "Lost in Space" reference there ;)

UFOs and Aliens: Yeah they are here and have been for quite some time, believe me when I say this, I've had this interest for as long as I can remember. I remember the very first time my dad read a UFO story out of the newspaper to us, I just thought, yup, makes sense to me, I had no trouble believing any of it. Over the years I must have read well over 200 books on the subject and watched hundreds of documentaries. So first off: "So if aliens exist why don't they land on the White house lawn and introduce themselves?" You hear this all the time right? Well the answer to that is not so tough, have you ever watched an episode of "Cops", or "Operation Repo", the news or any reality TV for that matter. If that does not answer your question let me sum it up. Basically we are a primitive species still engaged in petty conflicts and tribal warfare. If you were them would you want to have anything to do with us. Secondly I've learned that what ever the UFO secret is, it's a lot more darker than just aliens abducting people, crop circles and cattle mutilations.

Some of my favorite quotes:

"Be as Innocent as doves but as wise as serpents." (So Beautiful and Dangerous by Angus McKie)
"A dog will not howl if you beat him with a bone." (So Beautiful and Dangerous by Angus McKie)
"In an infinite and improbable Universe anything is possible." (Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy)

So it's my birthday tomorrow and what am I going to do, well the weather is supposed to be not the best but I'll probably venture out to have a great lunch, possibly at the Mondragon, I've been craving a nice Roti and a Bête Noire to wash it down lately. Then I'll probably go out to Polo Park and check out a movie, if the weather is clear, most probably walk home with an ice cream or milkshake and pickup a six of McEwans from the LC on my way. Ahh such as the life of a professional slacker. :)

Human Flesh is porky Meat 2 Postcard from

Human Flesh is porky Meat 2 Postcard from

Monday, August 23, 2010

Sunday's Zentai Alien Hunter Shoot

It was going to be hotter than Hell out on Sunday but we had a good breeze blowing to keep the Mosquitoes and wasps at bay so I opted to wear my other shiny black Zentai suit since this suit breaths a lot better without that rubbery sort of coating the other suit has. Even though on a really hot day I stay very cool in that suit I find it's not that good with a high humidity in the air so a more breathable suit like this one is an awesome option for if you are planning on being out riding and doing photos for a good 3 or 4 hours under the hot sun.

My first stop was out to my favorite vacant field close to Mission street to try and get some of the shots I was trying for on Saturday but the Mosquitoes were so bad I cut my trip out there pretty short. Anyways with a really good breeze blowing I had no problem with the bugs so I think I was able to get the shots I'll need for my sci-fi works over the winter months. That brisk breeze sure made getting some of my props to stay in the right spot though, my shrunken head kept getting blow the wrong way so it took me several attempts to get it just right, but persevere we did ;)

My next stop was out to Assiniboine Park for a nice lunch, chillax for a bit and maybe take some shots with just the Hedgehog backpack and Ray Gun with the hood down. So these last two were just a couple from that set shot out at Assiniboine Park. I had a couple of shots that were overexposed, I'm not really sure how I get those but some of them end up looking kinda neat so I saved them as I might be able to do something cool with them at some point.

After shooting and finishing up my lunch it was time for a couple of laps around the park. Some chickie in a passing pickup truck was "Rubbernecking" it out the passenger side window trying to get a better look as I was riding down the park road close to that big black CN Steam Engine. I had to laugh at that. People seem to really like the suit with all the accessories like the boots and Hedgehog backpack, seems to make a lot of difference, sure on occasion you get the odd "What the F!" from your more "Redneck" variety of folk, but most people either just smile, laugh a little or just outright say how cool they think it looks.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Alien Hunter

Saturday was another very warm day perfect for a bike ride, this time I remembered to take along my Steam Punk styled Ray Gun for another sci-fi shoot out at my favorite vacant field close to Mission street. My head was getting pretty hot running back and forth to set up the camera for each shot and the Mosquitoes were pretty bad today so I was not going to stay any longer than I could stand lol

I managed I think to get some really good shots I can use, this one has to be one of my absolute favorites from this shoot. I'll no doubt rework this one in Painter and Photoshop.

Cloudier skies for casted for Sunday so I'm not yet sure if it's just going to be a morning run to the Forks and back or a bike ride and possibly more photo shooting, I'll have to see what I feel like... most likely go for the bike ride option though even though it's supposed to get close to 30 degrees Celsius, I'll be cool as a cucumber in my skinsuit while riding.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

New Gothic Zentai Shots

Although it was supposed to have been thunderstorms all day yesterday it sure didn't look like it so I headed out on my bike to my favorite isolated field along Mission street to do a few Gothic Zentai shots with my new Porcupine or Hedgehog backpack that I had picked up from eBay. I took along my gas mask and wore my Demonia Goth Boots, I was supposed to bring my Steam Punk styled Ray gun but I forgot so I made do with what I brought. If it's nice out today like they say it's supposed to be I'll have to make sure that I bring it along this time.

I love my new backpack, I think it REALLY looks great with this suit and with the boots as well it makes for a really cool outfit.

I was trying to get some cool perspective shots as well as some more spookier looking shots that I'll most likely rework in Light Room or Painter, not yet decided on which way to go there, I've got so many new images to process.

Afterwards it was off to Assiniboine Park again for lunch which was running a little late since I set out a little later that I would have liked, it was already 12:30 ish and they were still calling for afternoon thundershowers so I was tempted to just stick fairly close to home and possibly even just have my lunch at the Forks. But I looked at the sky and it was pretty clear for as far as the eye could see so I figured what the heck, I should have plenty of time for the trip to Assiniboine, lunch and still be home in time for my "UFO Hunters" episode :D

On Pasing by the mushroom growers on Mission street there were some workers outside having their lunch and they yelled out "Hey cool, Spiderman!" So I had to acknowledge that with a thumbs up as I rode by. Once I got to the foot bridge at the Forks that passes over the river to the main street side there were some teens on the bridge, a group of girls and a couple of guys just hanging out, one of the girls whistled at me as I rode by and said "I like your backpack." lol I don't think that's what she REALLY meant though ;) Isn't that terrible? I'm old enough to be her dad!! lol

After lunch at Assiniboine park I could see it was getting a little cloudy out which came up pretty quickly so it being about 2:00 PM I figured I had better start heading back, got caught in the rain a little on the way back but that was no biggie since I was going to hit the shower as soon as I got home anyways... just in time for "UFO Hunters" which was already a good 20 minutes into the show after I got out of the shower.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Secret Handshake 6.0

Last nights Secret Handshake meet up group of the Winnipeg Creative Society held at the LO Pub was another awesome event. This was my second attendance at this meet up. I especially liked the table top tent cards at this meet up, I thought that was an especially nice touch and a really great idea.

The Veggie Burger platter was AWESOME, I was so glad I decided to have my dinner at the pub this time round because it was well worth the wait, heck, I was hungry enough to have devoured two of those platters lol

Second Sight Photography had set up a photo booth at this meet up, I was REALLY wishing that I had brought my steam punk Ray Gun prop to the event, but alas there was no room in my bag with all my free postcards that I was giving away. Although I'm not sure how many people took cards or were even aware that they were there for everyone to browse through and take whatever they liked, I guess it pays to check the Secret Handshake message postings ;)
I left around 10:00 ish or so as it was past my bed time, yeah I'm such a burnout I know lol. But I left my postcards and new Zazzle Business cards next to the Second Sight Photo booth just in case anyone wanted some cards. Looking forward to the next one, especially the Halloween one if were holding one cause... well... I'll let you figure that one out ;)

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Porcupine Backpack & Skinsuit

I got my Porcupine Backpack in the mail today that I had ordered from eBay so I decided to take it out for a test ride with my metallic black Zentai suit as I figured the two would look pretty cool together since they both have a nice shine to them.

I went out to Assiniboine park and had my lunch on the Portage side of the park before heading across the river bridge to the main park area to search out a good spot to take some pictures. Got eaten alive by mosquitoes today despite all the dragonflies about eating them. lol

Set up at one of the soccer fields since no one was playing and snapped off a few shots with the suit and my new Porcupine backpack. I think it looks pretty cool with the suit. Got a lot of looks, kids seemed to think it was pretty cool. I got asked where I got it, to which I replied. "eBay... you get all the cool stuff on eBay."

I kept thinking the whole time I was riding out to the park that I should have worn my Demonia Goth Boots as I think they would have REALLY completed the whole look I had going on here.... ahhh well... next time I go I guess since I've not worn them all summer long :(

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Human Flesh is Porky Meat

So Friday brought forth an odd inspiration since both my roomies were not home and I had the whole place to myself for the day I was listening to one of my favorite songs called "Men in Black" by The Stranglers and I felt inspired to do a short Zentai/Gasmask Gothic series.

I used one of the low light settings for my Casio Exilim Digital for candle light which keeps the shutter open longer and disables the flash so you get a little motion blur in the shot. I set up in our kitchen. The shot at the left was kind of an after thought as I finished taking shots at the dinner table. Personally I think this one is the best of the set.

This was the shot I liked best from the dinner table. And remember MDK Graphics in No Way Shape Or Form Supports or Condones Cannibalism, however if you should find your self stranded on some deserted island with no food or water just you and the other survivors... well then, it's Bon Appétit time :D 

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Wednesdays Bike Ride

Headed out yesterday for another bike ride since the weather was nice and the forecast looked pretty crappy for the next few days so ya gotta take advantage of every nice day you can right?

I opted this time to not wear my t-shirt over top of my Zentai again as the temperature was already getting close to 30 degrees (Celsius) and with my "Nogan Protector" (Bike Helmet) off I went out to Assiniboine Park again as it's been really nice going out there for lunch under a nice shady tree and then for a good cycle around the park a few times.

I took the River Trail route up along through the Forks and along the river to under the Osborne street bridge and up Westminster and then over to Wolseley street all the way up past Polo Park area via the bike trail and then down Assiniboine into the Portage side of Assiniboine Park. Once there it was time for lunch under my favorite big old oak tree and park bench where I snapped this shot of me in my Zentai and bike helmet.

After relaxing for a little while it was back one the bike to head over the foot bridge that connects the portage side of the park to the main park on the other side of the river. I mounted my camera to the handlebar camera mount and shot a video of cycling across the bridge and around the bike path turning left off of the bridge down along the river side past the park garden fence and out along one of the many picnic spots and then circled back along the roadway back into the main park area.

I tried to upload the video the my YouTube yesterday but it got removed because it was too long, so I'm trying again but this time I'll upload it as two separate parts.

Once I was done with my video I stoped in one of the main park areas near a baseball field for a rest and shot a series of shots with my suit, bike gear and helmet on.

On my way home I took the Wellington route through Osborne, down river to across Main Street and up the trail the the foot bridge that leads to the Forks. I stopped on the bridge for little bit to watch the boats and drink some water from my "Camel Pack". A tourist in a group of people said to me as they were passing by; "So are you feeling the heat in that?" to which I replied shaking my head "Oh god no, not even a little."  

I headed across the bridge and around the trail to the skateboard park where there were a group of kids waiting at the light to cross the street, one of the kids exclaimed; "Holly Sh*t that's tight!" as I cycled past them. I replied; "And lets not forget shiny too." I laughed. 

Overall another successful and fun bike ride.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Black Punk Funny Hedgehog Big Backpack

So I just purchased a new cool looking backpack from eBay store Southpanda, cant wait till this arrives in the mail as I'm thinking that it will look really cool with my metallic black Zentai suit for when I go out bike riding since it has a nice shine too it just like the suit. Could also present some cool photo project opportunities too I'm thinking as a cool interesting looking prop. 

Monday, August 9, 2010

Modays Skinsuit Bike Ride With Helmet

So another day that was hot as heck a good 33 degrees Celsius, way too hot to be couped up indoors working on the computer so out I went on my bike out to Assiniboine park again. This time decided to wear my bike helmet, seeing all those commercials on TV lately to wear your helmet got me thinking that since I own one I REALLY should wear it, after all it the smart & safe thing to do. Funny thing is, is that with the helmet on and my black shiny Zentai on people seemed to stare at me less today strangely, the helmet is almost like a "Doctor Who perception filter" or something lol. At first I thought that maybe it was just because it was Monday and not too many people were out, but there were still a good deal of people in the park. And when it was time to head for home it was close to rush hour so all the worker drones were on the road busily heading home and no one seemed to notice me too much zipping by in my spandex Zentai (hood down) and my bike helmet. So yeah, cool, helmets the way to go, Smart, safe, and seems to somehow complete the look. ;)

The cool thing also is, is that while riding through Assiniboine park I got a prize from two volunteers of the "Sport Medicine & Science Council of Manitoba" who were handing out gifts for people they caught wearing their helmets... very cool :D

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Sundays Skinsuit Bike Ride

Well as promised I headed out for another bike ride in just my shiny black Zentai today (hood down). I figured because it was going to be a good 30 degrees Celsius today I would wear this suit as opposed to my metallic black Zentai which has that rubbery sort of coating on it and this one catches the sunlight very well and breaths a lot better for a really warm day. I was cool as a cucumber out riding like this today, no t-shirt as I took it off very shortly after leaving my home near the Louise Bridge (spelling??). Anyways This is me starting out at my favorite isolated field along Mission street, I was going to shoot some basic shots but could not really think of anything new that I had not already done so I shot an introductory video to explain my bike riding plan for today and then it was off to Assiniboine park via the same route as yesterday... only once I got up to the train tracks on Wellington street I thought "Lets go across the foot bridge that runs parallel to the tracks and go the Assiniboine via the trail on the other side of the river."

Once out at Assiniboine I headed over to my favorite big old shady Oak tree to have my lunch, chug some much needed water and relax for a bit while getting my camera ready, a little too late it seemed as there was a little squirrel happily scampering from tree to tree and then he came right up to where I was sitting and just sort of froze there no more than 2 feet away making little "Meep, meep" sounds... cute lil fella. Odd for squirrels to do that as they are usually so skittish and scamper away if you get too close to them... not this brave lil fella though. But I sure wish I had my camera ready as it would have been a perfect opportunity to get one up so close.

Kind of strange for a sunny Sunday, not as many comments from passerbys today as yesterdays bike ride in my metallic black Zentai despite the fact that there were lots of people out enjoying the nice sunny weather.

After a little while I decided to snap some profile abstract shots at odd angles just for the what the heck value since my little squirrel friend had disappeared up into the tree behind me, I guess I scared him away with my camera lol

I was going to shoot a mid point video so I was setting up my shot to make sure I was in frame properly, but that park bench I'm sitting on is unusually high off the ground and that's odd for me as I'm a good 6 feet 2 inches tall lol. So after mucking about for a bit trying to get a good angle I said "Screw it!... I'll just do a closing comments vid when I get over to the main part of the park on the other side of the river." But I kinda liked this shot even if it borders on a "crotch shot". lol

I eventually moved over to a tree that was about 20 feet away closer to the river to maybe try and get a few shots with the hood up, but the spot I picked was right next to a big ants nest so I got one shot and figured that I would pack up and head over the foot bridge to the main park area, cycle around for a little while and then get ready to wrap it up for the day as it was getting close to 2:30 PM and I had been out since about 10:30 AM.

I eventually ended up on the far side of the park close to that big black locomotive that is on display there, well, not REALLY close to there but in that general sort of area of the park, I found a great spot that was shady and secluded and figured that I would do my wrap up video there, so I set up my shot to make sure that I was in frame correctly and started recording.

Overall I would say it was another successful outing in just my Zentai/skinsuit as I like to call it when the hood is down and tucked inside the neck line. Not a singe negative comment from anyone today, got some interesting looks and some head turns, of course like I've mentioned before people are used to seeing lots of cyclists in the park so I'm sure I didn't look to unusual... which reminds me that I should REALLY wear my helmet more when I go out as it helps complete the look and lets not forget that safety issue eh? ;)

Saturdays Experimental Skinsuit Bike Ride

Saturday proved to be an interesting day for an experiment. What I figured I would do is first go out to my favorite isolated field and shoot some basic shots in my new metallic black Zentai suit and then head up to Assiniboine park for lunch. This time went over the park river bridge to the Portage avenue side of Assiniboine park to sit under the shade of a giant Oak tree and have lunch, relax and enjoy the nice weather.

On the way back I figured as an experiment I would take off my t-shirt which was my favorite "Contact This" T which features an Alien flipping the bird with the text "Contact This!" underneath... Love that shirt ;)
Anyways, I packed up my backpack and headed over the bridge on my bike with my Zentai suit, hood off and tucked inside the neck line, much safer to ride with the hood down because although you can see your vision is diminished a good deal. I cycled around the main park a little just to gage people reactions before making a final decision on if I should ride like that to the Forks area or not. After riding around a bit I could see that I was getting a lot of looks, nothing that I would say was negative, in fact I think most people found it quite interesting because I could see a few heads turn for a longer look. But Assiniboine Park is like that though, people seem to be very tolerant of what people choose to wear to do their physical activities... I myself have seen some pretty strange outfits from time to time out at Assiniboine Park.

So after a couple of tours around the park I headed out back down Wellington, again lots of looks from people passing in their cars or pedestrians and joggers along the trail that runs down the center of Wellington, nothing negative and no "Redneck comments." I got down to the intersection of Welington and Sherbrook street and had to wait for the light, there was another cyclist waiting in front of me who turned around and said; "Nice suit." I said "Thanks." and he asked, "Whats it for?" I replied, "Bike riding today." A very polite fellow cyclist who thought it was cool. Neat I thought. So I headed across the intersection once the light changed and headed into Munston Park. Where I was going to put my t-shirt back on but considering things were going very well I thought, "What the heck, lets go all the way to the Forks and we'll see." So I headed out of the park down Welington, up River and across Osborne all the way to Main street. Now once you get closer to downtown I notice peoples attitudes change a little, at least the attitude of the what I like to call the "Street trash" and "Redneck" variety of folk, no one said anything negative but there was one "gang puke" type that said something inaudible as I was well past. And that about figures because they rarely have the guts to say anything to your face, same thing with spineless cowards who like to shout rude remarks from the safety of a passing vehicle lol I don't REALLY consider anything anyone like that to say as being important, those people just don't count in my book and that's my nickels worth of opinion on that. Everyone else seemed to think I looked pretty cool and I could hear the occasional "Oh Cool!" comment from a few people as I passed by on my bike. I passed over the foot bridge that crosses from Main street over to the Forks Market and then down the trail over to and across the St. Boniface bridge over to Fort Gibralter park, up through that trail to the picnic grounds to stop and make a short video to log my experience. I put my t-shirt back on and then headed for home.

Over all a what I would call very positive experience with that one joker as exception. I'm not sure if I'll do it again, I guess it depends upon how brave, outgoing or inspired I feel ;)

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Can you find me?

Ah yes yesterdays bike ride was an adventurous one which took me out to Assiniboine Park. Decided to have lunch on the Portage side of the park today under the shade of a very large Oak tree, while sitting there I thought; "Jeez... I should stash a few of my new Zazzle cards along my route at some park benches.... after all everybody and anybody is a potential customer"

And so I did, two out at Assiniboine Park, one on one side of the river and another in the main park, one in I think it's called Munston Park near Wellington, and lastly one at a bench at the Forks.

Who knows... maybe if I do that once a month maybe I can scare up some more Canadian sales