Sunday, April 26, 2009

UFO Images at Homeland Security

A few months back I was commisioned to do a series of re-renders from some of my UFO images on IstockPhoto to change them from a portrait format to a movie screen landscape format. The re-renders went very well and Carl's art show was great success. I just received the following email from Carl and It was so funny I thought I would share.

Hello Michael,How are you?

I wanted to let you know that the photo show that included your UFO images in my "Trouble in Area 3" collage went very well. I went by the gallery today and was told that "Trouble" has actually been sold. Great news. The kicker is the buyer works for Homeland Security! So, we can safely say that your UFO images will soon be under the roof of a top secret government agency. Also good to know someone there has a sense of humor.

Best Wishes, my friend.--Carl

Thursday, April 23, 2009

New Art

I've been working on some new artwork lately involving my little red toy-like robot placing him in varous situations and setings. I'm managing to get so awsome pieces out of this little experiment, but in reality I'm trying to come up with a look and a feel for a science fiction story that I've been meaning to work on ever since high school, lol boy that was a long time ago ;).

It's slow going because I'm using multiple techniques to achieve the look I'm after but I think I'm getting there. Once I have a look I can work on refining my storyline. Don't expect to see the finished story anytime soon though, I have a great deal to do on it. In the meantime I'm getting some great milage out of my experimentations with concepts and ideas using my little red robot.