Thursday, August 12, 2010

Wednesdays Bike Ride

Headed out yesterday for another bike ride since the weather was nice and the forecast looked pretty crappy for the next few days so ya gotta take advantage of every nice day you can right?

I opted this time to not wear my t-shirt over top of my Zentai again as the temperature was already getting close to 30 degrees (Celsius) and with my "Nogan Protector" (Bike Helmet) off I went out to Assiniboine Park again as it's been really nice going out there for lunch under a nice shady tree and then for a good cycle around the park a few times.

I took the River Trail route up along through the Forks and along the river to under the Osborne street bridge and up Westminster and then over to Wolseley street all the way up past Polo Park area via the bike trail and then down Assiniboine into the Portage side of Assiniboine Park. Once there it was time for lunch under my favorite big old oak tree and park bench where I snapped this shot of me in my Zentai and bike helmet.

After relaxing for a little while it was back one the bike to head over the foot bridge that connects the portage side of the park to the main park on the other side of the river. I mounted my camera to the handlebar camera mount and shot a video of cycling across the bridge and around the bike path turning left off of the bridge down along the river side past the park garden fence and out along one of the many picnic spots and then circled back along the roadway back into the main park area.

I tried to upload the video the my YouTube yesterday but it got removed because it was too long, so I'm trying again but this time I'll upload it as two separate parts.

Once I was done with my video I stoped in one of the main park areas near a baseball field for a rest and shot a series of shots with my suit, bike gear and helmet on.

On my way home I took the Wellington route through Osborne, down river to across Main Street and up the trail the the foot bridge that leads to the Forks. I stopped on the bridge for little bit to watch the boats and drink some water from my "Camel Pack". A tourist in a group of people said to me as they were passing by; "So are you feeling the heat in that?" to which I replied shaking my head "Oh god no, not even a little."  

I headed across the bridge and around the trail to the skateboard park where there were a group of kids waiting at the light to cross the street, one of the kids exclaimed; "Holly Sh*t that's tight!" as I cycled past them. I replied; "And lets not forget shiny too." I laughed. 

Overall another successful and fun bike ride.

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