Sunday, April 3, 2011

Adding Extra Details

I've added some clusters of Fire Flies to my game environment just to give it some extra life and make it more realistic. I figured what better for a night time scenario than to have some lightning bugs flying around here and there. In my particle emitter I used a picture of a real Fire Fly tweaked a bit in photoshop and given some extra glow in the tail section. Exported that as a PNG transparency for the particle emitter. I made scattered about 3 or 4 clusters around the trees here and there. They fly around randomly popping in and out so hopefully they act like real fireflies. They look good in my scene so I'm pretty happy with the way they turned out.

 Farmer Bob's Chicken Coop
First there was Alien Zombies in the outhouse and now there will soon be Alien Zombies in the old Chicken Coop. I'm almost completed the Chicken Coop, I just need to add a few details and then do the animation for the open and close door function so that way when Farmer Bob gets close to the door it will open just like his house and outhouse door functions.

Of course the Chicken Coop is going to need some chickens. I was originally just going to have it so there was an Alien Zombie stuck in the Chicken Coop just like the Outhouse scenario but the more I thought about it the more I thought it would be nice to have the Chicken Coop scenario work a little differently. It's going to mean more work to create a new animation for my Alien Zombie where he is inside of the Chicken Coop munching on a Chicken when Farmer Bob discovers that gruesome sight. I have to texture map the Chicken Coop floor so it looks like feathers and Chicken Blood everywhere and make a dead Chicken for the Alien Zombie to have in his hands. This is going to mean setting up a new "Dead Replacement" Rag Doll with the Chicken roughly placed into the Alien Zombies hand so that way when Farmer Bob shoots him he'll drop the Chicken as he slumps down dead like a sack of potatoes. lol

Also additionally I've placed "Meadow Muffins" here and there around the terrain so that way if Farmer Bob accidentally steps in one, he'll curse; "Dag Gumit!"

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