Saturday, April 16, 2011

The Old Windmill is Back

The Old Farm Windmill is back. This time I decided to place it over on Bob's Homestead just on the other side of the Ancient Stone Circle from which the UFO takes off from. You can't see it here to fully appreciate it but the windmill blades rotate slowly and make a nice quiet old creaky windmill sound.

The idea is have my player explore more and find things they need. Now I haven't even begun to make it yet. But over close to the old windmill there will be Farmer Bob's old dynamite shack that's used for storage. You see when the UFO takes off from the Ancient Stone Circle and then crashes over by the old farm area the impact causes a rock slide that blocks off the path that exits this game level. So Bob will need to get some Dynamite to blast the fallen rocks clear.

I guess that's going to be my weekend project is to start work on the Dynamite shack. There might even be "Alien Zombies" lurking about inside of the old dilapidated Dynamite Shack ;)

Dynamite is of course the Farmers old helper, it removes stumps. rocks, and drastically reduces the flight capability of Alien Spacecraft :lol:

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