Saturday, April 30, 2011


As many of you may have noticed that my Unity 3D Video game development project has kind of taken over this blog. And it's such a HUGE project with many, many things going on that encompass so much from Photoshop graphics creation, 3D modeling, Animation, and the Unity 3D game engine itself. I felt it was time to give it it's very own blog as many who originally follow this blog may NOT be interested in my video game project. And although I originally set this blog up as sort of a basic "Just to let people know what I was up to" sort of blog, the video game project has kind of taken over. So what I have done is set up two new additional blogs. One for my Online Shops called MDK Graphics: Here. And another one dedicated entirely to my Unity 3D Video Game Project titled "Rednecks and Alien Zombies": Here. That way I figure people can follow more easily what they are interested in and not get lost in the clutter of stuff they may NOT be interested in.

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