Monday, April 11, 2011

Farmer Bob's Creepy Old Wood Shed

I kept thinking that Farmer Bob's homestead was missing something, although truth be told I still think there are some things that need to be added. But I did over the weekend manage to make an old wood shed for just out back of Farmer Bob's house located fairly close to the old abandoned out house.

As you can see here from my "In Game" screen captures it adds a nice bit of eerie scenic detail. You can also see that I have given Farmer Bob a flashlight too which is perfect for poking about inside of those dark confined and creepy interiors.

 I figure it's another ideal place for Alien Zombies to be lurking about and hiding on Farmer Bob's property. I have not yet placed one of the Alien Zombies inside of the old wood shed yet. I've been trying to think of something interesting or different that an Alien Zombie could or would be doing in there, perhaps just hiding behind the door as it opens inwards so behind the door would be kind of a perfect spot for a surprise Alien Zombie attack. In any event I'm trying to come up with something different or unusual for this location. I am also still trying to work out if I can start my Alien Zombie animations off from something other than their default "T-Pose" as right now in confined spaces the "T-Pose" intersects with the geometry of some of the small confined spaces like the Chicken Coop and the Out house especially. So I'm sure that will muck up the game when it starts as they will most likely end up stuck inside of the walls of such confined structures. At least this IS want happens to my Chicken Coop Alien Zombie when I shoot him. Because his "Dead replacement rag Doll", which starts of in the "T-Pose", he ends up stuck through the roof of the Chicken Coop when he dies instead of dropping to the floor. I've been asking around on Unity Answers to see if anyone knows if "Rag Dolls" can be given different poses as this would solve the problem of that happening I am sure.

As you can see from my Max 8 renders that I have tried to give the Old Wood Shed a fair amount of rustic typical "Red Neck" style and detail. There are wood planks, an old barrel, a broken pallet, an old wood saw, chopped fire wood inside, some loose boards with nails sticking out here and there and nice grungy wood textures to help give it that old well used and broken down sort of look.

As usual I have made my model available on my Turbosquid.

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