Sunday, April 17, 2011

Level One Layout Bob's Homestead

After a lot of tweaking and playing around I am fairly close to completing level one of my Unity FPS game. "Rednecks and Alien Zombies". As you can see the level is much more manageable than how I had it before which was to try and place everything onto one giant terrain. Which I quickly discovered was just not going to work. So now I have been working on setting up level one which is where "Farmer Bob" starts his adventure. There are a few things Bob needs to figure out in this level. Nothing too complicated. There is a locked gate that Bob needs to take the key hanging on his wall in order to unlock and then open the gate to gain access to the old farm area.

Getting into the old farm area is not enough though, Bob has to find and kill all of the "Alien Zombies" lurking about his property. Also in order to get the first of four "Alien Artifacts" Bob will need to walk towards the UFO hovering just inside on the Ancient stone circle close to Bob's house. This will cause the UFO to take off and in mid flight will explode and then crash over on the "Old Farm Area", but ONLY if Bob walks towards the UFO and causes it to take off otherwise he will NOT get the first "Alien Artifact". Also Bob will need to visit the Old Dynamite Shack located close to the old Windmill in order to get some Explosives to blast the rocks blocking the exit from this level to the next game level.

The Dynamite shack I'm still in the process of construction right now so it's not seen on my Screen capture of my game level just yet, just the Old Windmill is visible. 

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