Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Alien Zombie Chicken Chowdown

It's gonna be a hot time in the O'l chicken coop tonight with poor ol Farmer Bob's gruesome discovery of an Alien Zombie raiding his old chicken coop.

I'm just working on the animations for the Chicken Coop Alien Zombie. I've never tried to animate two bipeds before so it should prove to be an interesting challenge. So far it seems to be going OK, just more parts to animate and try and keep track of. After I do this animation I have to create an "Aware" animation for when Farmer Bob discovers him and he is within a certain range he will react to Farmer Bob's presence. I also will need to do a special attack animation for this guy where he maybe drops the dead chicken and goes after Farmer Bob, and I'll also no doubt need to make a new "dead replacement" rag doll too for when he gets shot by Farmer Bob. lots to do so little time.

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