Saturday, April 23, 2011

The Old Dynamite Shack

Finally done Farmer Bob's Old Dynamite Shack located right by the Old Windmill. It too me a little longer than I had expected to make this model, I guess it was all the odd bits of junk inside of the shack that took the time. It's got a shelf with old paint cans, boxes, spray paint cans, turpentine cans and empty wire spools. Some bits of old wood on the floor and leaning up against the wall, Old wooden cable carts, empty apple boxes, boxes of old dynamite, rusty old buckets... basically anything I could think of to toss in there but yet trying to keep the poly count down so as to not bog down my games performance too much. Unity 3D seems to handle it quite nicely so I'm very pleased with that. As you can see here (left) this is Bob's Old Dynamite Shack as seen in the game play mode.

For some reason when I imported my model into Unity 3D the door was out of position so I had to move it back to where it was supposed to be, fortunately only along the one axis so it was a very easy adjustment. My animations from Max 8 were unaffected thankfully. The REALLY cool part was that when I imported the model into Unity 3D the textures were all applied and all I had to do was apply the bump maps, so that saved a lot of time ;)

Now I need to make the Dynamite and Detonator, place that inside of the shack where my notation mentions so that Bob will be able to pick up those items in order to blast the rocks clear from the path.

Here is a sample render of Farmer Bob's Old Dynamite Shack done in Max 8 with the roof hidden so you can see a general layout of the shack's interior and all the odd bits of junk lying about the place.

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