Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Chinese Food, Fortune Cookies & Spaceships

Like I mentioned in my last post I must have worked up an appetite with that extra lap over the Louise Bridge and through the Fort Gibralter trail and back down Waterfront. Takes about 10 or so minutes to go around that route, give or take? Got home, hit the shower, got dressed and headed over the the Kung Po, a small neighborhood Chinese restaurant right across the street from my place... gotta love convenience. They serve up a big plate of Egg Fried rice, Sweet & Sour Chicken Balls, Chop suey with BBQ'd Pork, and honey garlic chicken... man that plate was loaded but I ate it all up as you can see lol.

After I had finished they brought my Fortune cookie which had the most perfect fortune in it ever, especially after having such a creative and active day. :)

And yes! I did finally finish that spacecraft 3D model I had been slack assing my way through, I kept thinking; "OK there REALLY has to be a point where I'm going to call this thing Done." sometimes you can just keep adding and adding to a project like that. Done, done and double done and available on my Turbosquid

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