Friday, July 2, 2010

Canada Day in Red Zentai

For Canada Day I thought I would do a little something different this year, I had been saving my two new red Zentai suits for just this occasion. First I went out to my favorite isolated field to take some pictures as I figured that would most probably be the only way I would get a chance to take pictures given my planned route for Canada Day.
With my pictured done I headed up to the Forks to pass through their Canada Day celebration. The red suit got lots of looks, "Oooohs and Ahha's", some interesting comments I hear ed from people as I passed by on my bike, seems people really liked the red suit. They I headed out to Assiniboine via the River & Osborne route, very busy in the village with their Canada Day street celebration so I was just passing through to head up Wellington Cresent. They've repaved a good stretch of Wellington so it's super smooth to ride down now.
I got out to Assiniboine park, Wow! Just bumper to bumper and packed with people, got some high 5's from some passer byes in their cars, people loved my "Canadian's Kick Ass" T-shirt too. Took me a good bit of time to bike ride around the park to find a place to have my lunch (Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwiches... Mmmm Lovely). Finally found a spot close to the little steam train they have that rides around the park.
On my way out of the park after lunch and a bit more riding around, I could hear all sorts of cool coments about the red suit... All in all my Canada Day bike ride in Zentai was a very positive experience.

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