Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Blue Zentai - Blue Ball

Finally got my bike all fixed up so naturally even though they were forecasting severe thundershowers for today the sky looked fine to me so out I went. I wanted to try something with my big blue exercise ball, man that sucker holds a lot of air... took just as long deflating it so I could squeeze it into my back pack as it did inflating it at my favorite isolated field. The sky was starting to cloud over in spots so I knew I might be cutting it close, I had to wait a few time for a cloud to pass. This blue Zentai picks up the light really well if it's nice, bright and sunny, but looks dull on a cloudy or overcast day.
I wanted to shoot some video but I was loosing the sun to the clouds so I'll have to shoot some video next time when the day is clear all day. lol on a funny note it was a little windy today so there were a few times I had to chase after my ball across the field :D

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