Monday, July 26, 2010

Busy Busy Busy Weekend

Yes that title seems to about sum it up, my adventures started on Friday with a bike trip out to that nice vacant field along Mission Street. As I had mentioned in a previous post I had just gotten my front bike tire fixed, but after a few days it seemed to have developed a slow leak because when I got my bike out on Friday the tire was pretty low, but I pumped it up and it was fine for the day so I headed out in my Blue Zentai with the hope of catching a train going by for background for a few of my shots and perhaps a short video clip. Now the funny thing is, is that whenever I've popped out to this field there always seems to be a train coming by, I swear this has to be one of the busiest train tracks here in Winnipeg, lol... Anyways, wouldn't you just know it, not a single train during my 30 to 40 minutes in this field, lunch time was past so I was getting a little hungry for my peanut butter and jelly sandwiches that I had brought with me so after shooting a few shots I packed up my gear and headed toward the path and just as I got on my bike to head down the path back to the main road sure enough here comes a train... "Oh bugger! I said to myself, "Well maybe tomorrow I'll have better luck".
Later on in the afternoon after I had finished my lunch down at the Forks I figured I'd head back to the field and see if I could catch a train this time, nope, but I did snap a few by the tall dandelions along the path and then called it quits for the day after stopping by the Exchange District to check out some of the Fringe Festival's free stage where some girl came up to me and said; "I bet you can ride that REALLY fast!". Pardon me I said because I did not hear her very well and she repeated. I laughed and said; "Oh yeah, especially down hill." :/ lol
Saturday was a pretty busy day, I had gone out for a morning run which is unusual if I'm planning to bike ride that day as well, but did it anyways. Afterwards it was a trip up to "Bikes And Beyond" on Henderson Hwy to get a new front tire and inner tube for my bike to fix that slow leak issue once and for all since my front tore was totally flat by morning. There were a few more clouds in the sky so I figured I would go out with my Black Zentai and try my luck with catching a train, the sky was clear enough and bright enough that my black suit would catch the light really well so off I went with my gear and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for lunch again... and so we waited... and we waited... and just to be sure we waited a little longer... I think in total a good hour and a half... yes I can be very patient lol. Nada, zippo, the big fat zero, no train, WTF I thought lol. I packed up and headed to the Forks area for my lunch and then some more bike riding around for a few hours. Headed down to catch a little bit of the Fringe Festival's free stage in the Exchange district to see what was going on there and then home.
Now we come to Sunday... Ahh what a day, not a cloud in the sky and I wish I had worn my blue Zentai because I finally got lucky with a train, instead I had worn my black suit just because I really like the fit of that suit and it catches the sunlight really well. My camera was set up perfectly, I was framed just right in the frame and everything. Goth some great shots and video. Afterwards it was down to the Forks area for lunch and then around a bit for some more bike riding. Later on after another trip to the field for some more shots I headed over the the Fringe Festival since it was the last day to check things out. I caught a pretty cool Contortionist who has his own website called "Flexible Comedy." Now I can safely say that I have never in my life seen someone poke themselves through a tennis racket, and I REALLY do mean put themselves one leg at a time and their entire body right through a tennis racket, this guy was sure flexible and very humorous too.

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