Saturday, July 17, 2010

Thurday's Black Zentai & Gasmask shoot

This past Thursday I went out to my favorite isolated field where there is a train bridge that passes over top of the path and shot some pictures for a Gothic series I'm going to try and work on, so many images to process, but I'll most likely only process the popular ones. Not all the images from the series are here just a few I liked best, I'll eventually put them up on my Deviant Art soon.
I noticed that the city actually cuts the grass, or I should say cuts down the tall weeds and scrub in that field as when I out doing this shoot on the path under the train bridge there was a tractor cutting it's way across the field. When I went out yesterday (Friday) to do another Gothic Zentai shoot the field is much easier to get across without all the tall scrub :D I'll make another blog entry tomorrow about that shoot.

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