Sunday, May 3, 2009

Red Metalic Zentai Outdoors Photo Shoot

Well I got around to going out in my nice candy apple red metallic Zentai suit today, I figured I would kill two birds with one stone as it were by getting my morning run in and getting some nice outdoors Zentai shots in. I love this suit the way the light plays off of it's surface, the only thing is, is that the suit does not hold up well under the stress of a good workout I discovered, the friction and sweat really took it's toll on the metallic finish especially in areas like under the arms, the feet, and the crotch. So I doubt I'll get much more use out of this suit as far as photography goes. Oh well, at least it survived long enough to get in these wonderful shots, all of which turned out so that went very well. Maybe I'll pick up another suit like this in the future when I have a good 50 bucks to blow :lol:

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