Tuesday, May 26, 2009

New Sci-Fi Art

New piece I worked on recently, futuristic distopian image "Watching the Ships Take Off" Made using one of my own photos, mixed in some 3D buildings, decimated the Winnipeg skyline, changed the sky, painted over a good deal of the image in Painter, I was going to paint the forground grass but then thought against it.
I'm working on another one using a photo from the same series featuring my new Sci-Fi suit. I love this suit the possibilities are endless. I might try and take some more pictures this comming weekend and see if I can get some more action/dramatic poses. I have an idea for fight or struggle with either some tentacled alien beat or some mechanical monster. lol I guess I'll have to construct that in 3D first and try to render it off at the corect angle.

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