Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Suspended Videos on You Tube

OK, I just do not for the life of me understand what in blazes You Tube had a issue with two of my Zentai videos, several months ago they suspended my account and nuked one of my videos because it 'apparently' violated their policy!! And just yesterday I received an email telling me that they suspended it's counterpart, (Both videos had been up there for about a year btw) I mean really WTF, first off there is no nudity, obscenity, or even remotely what I would call sexually explicit content in ANY of my videos, at least nothing that we haven't seen on MTV, Much Music or even regular TV for that matter, so what gives?!? Basically the two videos were just me dancing around in my black metallic Zentai with some dubbed in music that I got from "Flashkit" (freeware music btw) so there is NO licensing issue there.

And I'll tell you another thing, I have seen far, FAR worse videos posted to You Tube and I notice that they have been there for a good 2 years or longer so I just don't get that. lol maybe I'm just taking it too personally but it REALLY bugs me when I can't justify stupid actions like that, at least tell me WHAT specifically you find so offensive about a video. I almost feel like writing them a letter to this effect but y'know what, I'm really, REALLY just to busy with other projects to be bothered with stupid little things like this.

And they say we live in a "Freedom of Speech" society. Well that's my rant for the day lol.

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Eric said...

YouTube might've suspended your account and took down your videos because someone may have complained about them, either from content or the music.

Besides, "freedom of speech" has to do with political speech. Corporations have the right to censor anything they see fit.