Wednesday, June 3, 2009

New Snakeskin Zentai Shoot

It was a perfect morning for a Zentai shoot so I grabbed my Exilim digital and went out for a run with my new Snakeskin Zentai suit. I managed to snag some great shots. This one is my favorite from the shoot, you can view the whole set on my Deviant Art account if you like. Comments are most welcome :D
Some of these I might tart-up a bit in Photoshop and see what I can come up with, I'll have to stare at them for a long while and see what sparks the ol imagination lol. I've made some of the images from the set available as products in my shops like Zazzle and such for things like Framed Prints, posters, Magnets, Buttons, Mouse pads, Mugs,... you get the idea. So if there is one you REALLY like, you can get it one a cool product. Links to my shops are located at the right of this Blog ;)
This suit is REALLY comfortable BTW, I could stay in this thing all day, it's an awesome fit... y'know... kinda off topic I guess but I just don't get people who say tights are uncomfortable!! I think they're on Crack! They have to be in fact the MOST comfortable item of clothing out there... ahh well for what it's worth that's my 2 cents worth lol


Eric said...

That snakeskin suit looks great on you. Where'd you get it? (I'm on Ayus-Zentai, so I could've missed that post.)

BTW, those who think tights are uncomfortable are just complaining because those people have to wear them all the time as part of a dress code (namely women).

Zentai Guy said...

Hi Eric,
Thanks for commenting. I got that snakeskin from eBay, it's an awsesome suit, very comfotable.

I had been reading a lot of bitching and moaning from people in other blogs about tight's and men in tights be trying to be put out there as a fasion accesory for men... a lot of belly achers out there, most probably dykes is my bet becaue whenever I go out running in my CWX Spandex I get a lot of smiles and winks from the ladies. Its seems that I find the only people who every seem to have an issue are fat "Redneck Zombies" who are just jealous because they CAN't wear that stuff or are just not comfortable with their own sexuality... lol that's my aditional 2 cents worth on the subject lol