Friday, February 6, 2009

Little Red V-3 Finished

Ohhhhhh the long sleepless hours are finally over, and my "Inspector Clouseau's Dreyfus twitch" is finally subsiding I've finished my re-creation of HEAVY METAL & D.HE's "Little Red V-3" comic. The original was hand drawn in Black and white, and well crazy lil'ol me just felt the need to re-do it just for fun in 3D with a lil help from photoshop for added effects It's in my "COMICS" section of my gallery on Deviant Art account if ya wana see the whole thing.
Hmmmm so what's next now eh...?? well now I just have to work on my "Robot's Last Supper" which is going to be a reproduction of Leonardo da Vinci's rendition of the last meal Jesus shared with his Twelve Apostles and disciples before his death. OooooNly done with robots and a bit of a comical edge... yes I fully expect to burn in the fiery pits of Hell for this one

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