Sunday, February 22, 2009

Alien Abduction HDRI Environment Maps

I've been working on some HDRI (High Dynamic Range Image) environment lighting and reflection maps for when I'm creating alien abduction 3D works since I've been unable to find any online anywhere. Above is the results of my first IBL (Image Based Lighting) test. I'm not sure if I'm creating them corectly since they seem like they a shot using a reflective chrome ball or sphere to create a spherical environment. What I've been doing for mine is using Bryce 6 to create a panoramic view of some of my 3D model Flying Saucer interiors, and then using HDRI shop which is a freebie application you can get online. Forgive me not putting up a link to it, it's easy to find though. and turning those into HDRI reflection and lighting maps. Here is my result using my "Experience Room" 3D model as a basis for the environment and tossing in some Poser aliens for added detail.
I have another alien environment room I'm going to use that has more stuff inside of it, I might place poser aliens in it too, but I have not yet decided on that yet ;)

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