Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Latest 3D Projects

Moon Outpost 3D Model
I got a little tired of using the same old moon bases I had as background elements for my 3D renders so I decided to create a new one to add so variation to my background in my 3D renderings. After browsing through some NASA concept art I made this one. It's got all sorts of cool little details, it's made primarily as a distance model to be used as background elements but has enough nice detail that you can get fairly close to it. I've been having a lot of fun with it lately using it with my 3D space toys tossing it into the background on various renderings.
Model is available on my Turbosquid.

Medium Poly Moon Exploration Set
As an addition the to the Moon Outpost model I figured I would make the little moon vehicles available on their own along with some astronauts to go along with them, again they are made primarily as background elements for space scenes but with enough nice detail that you can get in fairly close as you can see in my sample renderings.
Model is available on my Turbosquid.

3D Product Package
A 3D product package with a transparent plastic window and a star burst on the front. I made this for my Russian Wind up robot model but it can be used for anything really. This little guy was never sold with this package, in fact most of his packaging over the years has been anything but stellar. So just for fun I thought I would give him a more dynamic package.
Mode is available on my Turbosquid.

Retro Styled Rocket Ships
In keeping with the idea of creating some new background retro sci-fi elements for my 3D space toy renderings I made a couple of new retro styled rocket ships.
Models are available on my Turbosquid:
Rocket Ship Style 1 is available here.
Rocket Ship Style 2 is available here.

Plastic Toy Space Men
New for my space toys 3D model collection are a reproduction of these vintage plastic space men. over the years I've seen many variations of this particular space toy, but these I'm willing to bet are the originals because the newer ones never had the clear face plates and flesh colored head inside of the helmets. I liked these best because of the added detail and figured they would make awesome additions for some of my vintage space toys renderings.
Model is available on my Turbosquid.

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