Monday, April 19, 2010

First Zentai Outing of the Season

Well thank frack winter is over Hoo-Ah! for that :) This weekend was my first bike ride out to some of my favorite spots to do some Zentai Shoots. The first set along the train tracks I did for a post apocalyptic art piece I'll be working on in the very near future called "End of the Line", it will be a sort of Sci-fi piece with the train track in the background being all bent and destroyed and long abandoned. The 3D model for that I made already over the winter months and I've been waiting all the while for winter to finally be over so I can get out and do some shots.

Here is what I managed to get taken this weekend, hope you like? I had fun, after I got the shots I was after I decided to goof around a little and snap off some shots just for fun because you never know what you'll get, I've gotten nice long bike ride, lunch in the park, absolutely gorgeous out!! some great looking shots that way.
There are lots more from this weekends shoot on my Deviant Art if you want to check them out. ;)

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Anonymous said...

Great photoshotting! Especially the one called ZentaiThinking02, I think it's one of best zentai pictures.