Friday, October 9, 2009

New Photoshoot, New Photographer

New Photos with a new photographer. As most of you already know I usually do my own photography using my Casio Exilim, which is often difficult to get just the right shots when you have to guess at where to pose and you only have 10 seconds on the timer to do all that in.
My good friend Jenna is an AMAZING photographer and we took a little trip out to Kildonan Park just before sunset on Wednesday and shot a whole series with my dark Green Zentai, this one is one of my faves from the series. Right now she's just uploaded a couple to Deviant Art which you can see here:
Hopefully she'll upload more.
I'm currently retouching some of them in Photoshop and Painter, but I'm REALLY liking what Jenna has done with them using Adobe Lightroom. Fantastic Job Jen :D
So pop on by to her DA account and give her a pat on the back for such an awesome job. Hopefully more collabs in the future.

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