Thursday, October 9, 2008

Yesterday's BIG 10% Chance of Rain

y'know... I REALLY have to laugh sometimes at the Weather Network. Yesterday just before heading out for my morning run I checked the Weather Network just to see what to expect, see if I needed to bring along a rain coat or Ziploc plastic bag for my camera should any rain be expected... nope according to the Weather Network only a 10% chance of rain was expected which is next to bugger all. So off I went. I put my metallic black Zentai on and my hoody since it was a little cool out at about 7:30 AM, grabbed my Exilim Digital camera and my Gorilla Pod.
Just as I'm heading out the door I can see it sprinkling down a little... lol I'm thinking well the Weather Network said ONLY 10% chance of rain so I figured it would probably stop soon and blow over.... no such luck, by the time I had ran down to the beginning of the Waterfront Drive River trail it just started hosing down. I was carrying my camera in it's little leather case so it was fine but I still tucked my hands inside the front big pocket of my Hoody to help keep it dryer. By the time I had got to the St. Boniface Bridge I was pretty soaked lol.
Once across the bridge and on my way to Whittier Park where Fort Gibralter is the rain had pretty much all but stopped, it was down to a very light trickle. I stopped off at this big rock between the Fort and the Baseball Field and took off my Hoody and set up my camera on the Gorrilla Pod and did some Zentai pictures posing on the big rock, which was pretty soaked from the rain. Thank God for Spandex because it dries out super fast lol. The other good thing about it being kinda rainy out and early in the morning is that there was noone around so I could take my pictures without being disturbed.
This is the last one I took after running all the way down the River Trail to Lagimodiere Gaboury historic Park Gate where I stopped off in the pic nick area and snapped a couple of Zentai pictures at one of the pic nick tables, got a soaked butt from sitting at a wet table lol. You can see in the picture that the sky has cleared up really fast, the sun came out and dried me out real good. By the time I ran back home I was only a little damp and that was mostly from my Hoody and sweat.
10% chance of rain indeed!! More like 80 or 90 percent chance!... lol of course it WAS clear all day though... maybe that's what they meant?? lol
Even still, I felt pretty accomplished yesterday since I managed to get some good Zentai pictures done.

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