Saturday, October 4, 2008

Saturday Out on the Bike

Well today was certainly a nice Fall day. I was out for a good 5 hours making the most of what I am sure fewer and fewer of these nice days. Early Friday morning when I was out for my morning run it was cold enough out I could see my breath, lol a sure fire sign that the white stuff will be on the way soon, Brrrrr....

Lots of other people were out enjoying a nice sunny Saturday today too I noticed as I passed through Assiniboine park and stopped for a rest at one of the park benches close to the Baseball field. I had took a ride up to Assiniboine park after spending a little time ridding down the Fort Gibralter River Trail, I had lunch at the pick nick grounds at the beginning of I think it's called "Whittier Park." I was going to see if I could get some Zentai pictures done but there was just too much traffic, lol and you know how I like it quiet... funny thing is, is that even with a fair amount of people passing through from time to time it's very peaceful at that spot, you can sit for hours and just listen to the breeze in the trees and the occasional train pass by.
lol I still think during the week, very early in the morning will be my best bet to do pictures completely undisturbed as all the Worker Drones should be at work and the kids all in school ;) lol what I need is a deserted island lol

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