Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Bike Ride Today

Well today looks like it might actually be nice weather today, very similar to yesterday. I expect we're in for very few left like this as I notice in the mornings the puddles are iced over.
After the mail had arrived I went out for a walk to one of my favorite coffee houses called "the Mondragon" located in the Exchange district yesterday afternoon, after coffee and a really nice slice of their Chocolate, Peanut Butter Cheesecake I figured I'd take a walk to the Forks Market to pick up some bread before heading home. As I was walking I thought to myself, "What a really nice day... I should have gone for a bike ride if i had known it was going to be this nice out!"
Well today looks like it's going to be the same way, nice and sunny, not too cold, no rain and all my favorite trails will be nice and dry from having a good few days without rain. So I'll probably go for a run first, take a shower and then after mail has arrived go out for a bike ride. Lol that should work off some of the junk I've been eating lately lol... too many good horror movies on TV lately and I love my snacks with a good movie ;)

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