Tuesday, March 22, 2011

On Screen Blood Spater Effects

Another achievment this week was discovered almost by accident. While I was searching for a way to have my Machine gun sparks particle emitter change to a green blood particle emmiter when it hits my Alien Zombie, I came accross this awesome method of creating blood splatter effects on the screen when my FPS player takes damage on Unity Answers. [link] Although it's NOT exactly what I'm after it will do for now.

Over all it a pretty cool method for creating blood effects on the screen so the more damage my FPS player takes the more opaque the blood effect becomes.

Now what would REALLY float my boat is if I can get some sort of claw marks & blood splashes to occur on the screen and get worse with the more damage my FPS player would take from attacking Alien Zombies.

I'm guessing I would need two kinds of blood effects:

1- Blood & claw effects created from attacking Zombie Aliens

2- Blood effects from just weapons fire and general player damage.

Not sure how that can be done but I'm sure there is a way. Mean while, I've still not been able to get my Alien Zombies to attack. right now they will follow me around like lost puppies when I'm within their attack range. So that's another scripting kafuddle to try and figure out. Bloody happy with the fact that I no longer have "Swimming" alien Zombies though so that progress

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