Friday, March 4, 2011

My FPS Game Development Victories and set backs II

It's been a Hellish past couple of weeks struggling with trying to learn that blasted Java Script coding in Unity or I should call it "Unity Script" as it is kinda special to the application ;)

I've had some victories though this past little while, I FINALLY got my Muzzle flash on my machine gun to work properly after following some dudes video tutorial, although WHAT exactly was wrong with mine in the first place will no doubt remain an unsolved mystery as I could not see how mine was set up differently that his. What I ended up doing was just outright deleting my machine gun and started from scratch and well dag gum I'll be horn swoggled and dipped in pig drippings if that dang thing didn't just magically decide to work ;)

I also FINALLY got my Power station doors to open when you get close to them, now all I have to try and figure out is how to get the door sound to play when the doors are actually opening and not when they have finished opening which is what they are currently doing.

Since I got my Muzzle flash to work I was FINALLY able to duplicate the Automated Sentry Machine Guns and place two of them hidden by the narrow pass that leads to the power station for unwary travelers... heck I even know where they are and they kill me plenty of times while I'm testing out my game :lol:

I'm STILL trying to get my Alien Zombies to work properly though, I've gone over a dozen or so tutorial and I still end up with my Alien Zombies flipping over face down and "Swimming" rather than walking every time I add their AI script... I thought I had a breakthrough today when when I tried a different tutorial because he was standing upright and doing his "Idle" animation just fine, just fine that is until I got within his attack range and then "Flip" over he went swimming again... WTF!!

Yes I'm pulling a lot of hair out by the Frakin roots trying to solve that Frakin issue :frustrated:

UPDATE: I solved my door opening sound delay issue, as it turns out the sound I was using for my mechanical sliding doors had a slight delay at the beginning of the audio clip so it just seemed like it was starting to play after the door animation had finished. I swapped the sound for one that starts sooner and now it's OK although my animation clip could stand to be tweaked a tiny bit so its lasts about a second or so longer just to sync up with the sound clip better, but I'll call that fine tuning as I've fatter fish to fry right now :lol:

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