Thursday, March 3, 2011

My FPS Game Development Victories and set backs

It's Back to the "Swimming" Zombie Again!
Well it's been a very frustrating past week, just when I thought I was beginning to make some headway in solving my Alien Zombie AI script issues I'm basically back to where I started! Someone on Unity Answers had mentioned "Freezing Rotation on the Ridged Body" but my Zombie does not have a ridged body and neither do the Robots from the FPS Tutorial on Unity 3D's web site that I've been trying to get my Alien Zombies to imitate to some degree without the weapon firing aspects of the AI script, but as you can see in my sample that when I add the slightly modified AI script my Zombie flips over face down and animates that way when I test out my game play!! I've yet to be able to solve this problem, and the truly sucking part is, is that I'll bet it's something simple too like when I was having trouble with my Robot animations, it had turned out that my animations did not match the scale off my in scene robots so when the game played they looked all sort of squished and messed up. Thank god I got that fixed but this new problem is proving to be quite annoying.

On the plus side though I FINALLY got my muzzle flash to work on my machine gun, now as I had mentioned before that was an on going problem that I kept poking into again and again going over and over that FPS Tutorial till I was blue in the face trying to discover where my machine gun set up was different than the one in the tutorial and for about a month now I could not tell where mine was messed up. So while browsing the Internet yesterday looking for some kind, any kind of tutorial on getting 3D Max characters to work in Unity with AI scripts and finding a but load of Jack out there I did stumble across a adding weapons to your FPS controller video tutorial that I'm pretty sure was made by some 12 year old (I apologise if I'm wrong) lol, so anyways I take a break from my frustration and watch the video. "Hey" I says aloud to myself, "His Frakin gun is working!" So I pause the video, open up Unity3D, delete my machine gun all together and just start from scratch following what this guy is doing, and well I'll horn swoggled and dipped in pig drippings if it started working like a charm, all I had to do was add back in my machine gun sound because this guy didn't cover that part for in his video for some reason. So now at least I've gotten that sorted out so I applied the same process to my Sentry Machine gun that I had guarding the gate entrance to my military base and it is now working so I was able to duplicate that and get a few more of those around, two guarding the main gate and two more over by the base power station hidden behind some rocks for the unwary trespasser ;)

So overall it's been both a frustrating and a little bit of victory this week trying to sort some of this game development out. Meanwhile while I had been trying to sort out my Alien Zombie AI script issues I figured I would get started on "Farmer Bobs" house which is basically the starting part of my game. It's not much to look at right now as I still have a lot to do, mostly adding interior details, I'm trying not to go too overboard and keep my poly count somewhere low to medium range. I don't want to sacrifice too much quality as I want this to be a rich environment for gamers to enjoy... if it gets that far that is ;)

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