Friday, March 11, 2011

Farmer Bob's House fro my unity 3D Game

It's been another week of both victories and some ongoing frustration at still not being able to solve my Alien Zombie animation problems inside of Unity 3D. So what I decided to do was work on some stuff I can while I am still trying to find a solution to that problem which I'm sure is a java script related issue as his animations by themselves work fine until I add the modified AI script.

I made Farmer Bob's house trying to keep it simple yet still have a rustic "Redneck" sort of look to it, I still ended up with a pretty sizable 3MB file though. As you can see in my sample image (left) I've tried to give it some character and a few things that help the story of the game along like the newspaper on the table with a front cover story on UFO sightings on the increase.

With some help from Unity Answers I was able to get Bob's door to open and close using door states, and a ray cast so that way the player has to be facing the door and in close proximity in order for the door to open, and after 3 seconds close again, both door animations have a nice open and close sound effect of a old creaky door which is perfect for Bob's old house.

Next up was to make Bob's old abandoned outhouse from way back in the day before indoor plumbing, I'll just bet some of you out there are thanking whatever God you believe in that you never had to live back then and endure those hardships ;)

Now ideally what is supposed to happen here, WHEN I can get my Aliens to animate properly that is, is that Bob / the player, will go outside and hear banging coming from his old outhouse, trapped inside of the Outhouse will be one of the Zombie Aliens so Bob better have his trusty shotgun handy.

Nearby Bob's house there will be an ancient stone circle which I've still too make yet and hovering above that will be a flying saucer which when Bob gets close enough to it, it will take off straight up and then appear to have some sort of trouble and then fly off and crash over by the old abandoned farm house, barn and windmill on the other side of the mountain or hill range. (Which I may lower a bit, terrain edit stuff). That's the flying saucer you've no doubt seen me toying around with in some of my other post. now over there Bob will find the crashed saucer and a survivor of the crash Alien Zombie walking around. Now I haven't yet figured out quite how to direct the player to go over towards that direction although I think it would be a natural instinct to want to go and see where that saucer crashed, but just in case I might make the terrain such that they have to go over that direction first, although I do want my game players to have a lot of free choice as to what they would like to explore in the game. Even though some areas will be a lot more easier to deal with if you have the right weapons and enough ammo. For instance; lets say they decide to take the left path before it takes you to the saucer crash, well then the player would miss out on not only seeing the crashed saucer but would also miss out on getting more ammo for the shotgun which would be stored in the old barn somewhere, or maybe that is where the shotgun is all together ans Bob only has a 9mm pistol and a limited supply of ammo at his house. So many little details to work out but I figure I'll get to a lot of that stuff as the game develops and I test things out along the way to see what works and feels right.

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