Sunday, February 27, 2011

Unity FPS Game Development Progress

I got some simple animation for my "Alien Zombies" done, they'll need additional tweaking once I figure out how to get them to work properly in my Unity game. Right now I have so many issues I'm trying to figure out:
1- When I import my Zombies in their eyes don't match up and fit to their heads the way they are supposed to, don't know why that is because in Max 8 they seem to work just fine?!?
2- When I try and have them animate in Unity 3D they animate horizontally and face down, this happens when I add the "Robot AI" script from the FPS tutorial on unity's website so that could be the problem, I've been trying to modify that script to work without weapons as my zombie aliens will have no guns only teeth and claws.

3- My muzzle flash on my machine gun is STILL NOT WORKING!! Now this has been an endless source of stress as I'm sure the problem is something simple but I'm just NOT seeing it, I've been upwards and downwards all over that FPS tutorial trying to see where my gun might be set up differently from theirs and I can't seem to see where the problem is

4- I have created a "Sliding door" animation in unity 3D using their built in animator as it's just a very simple animation that I can add sound to later when it's working, note that fun word again, "When it's Working" Oh the animation works fine, my problem is in trying to find a script that will open the doors when I get close to them, or even on a Key press would do nicely if I can find such an animal that is?!?! More hair pulling there I can tell you!!

In the meantime while trying to sort those issues out with no such luck yet I figured I would spend a little time of some of the terrain details like adding trees, setting up my trails for the player to follow and trying to block off areas of the map I don't want players to wander into as they are supposed to follow a choice of paths that will lead to various areas of the map where they will find clues on where they need to go next. I started work on Farmer Bob's house which is basically the starts of the game, yes I know I'm kind of all over the place on this project, but that is because I have it pretty much in my head what I want to do at this point so it's a matter of just sitting down and getting things going for 12+ hrs a day.

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