Thursday, February 24, 2011

My Unity FPS 3D game progress

Ok so I'm trying to figure out how to get my Zombie alien into my Unity game, right now I've made an "Idle" animation, this is for when we have our "Alien Zombie" just standing around doing nothing until he sees you and then I'll need to make an animation for that, right now I just threw him in to test him out. I think I still need to tweak the Envelopes on his Biped in Max a little as his geometry looks a little messed up in a few places. I also need to see if I can either get an AI script or somehow tweak the ones from the FPS tutorial for the robot sentries, hopefully that will work although I'm not sure how because the zombies have no guns, I've hear ed of using "Ray casts" and that might be what I'll have to read up on next... greeeeeat... more of that fancy book learnin ;)

You might enjoy the video uploads on a few of my animation tests for this pose of our Alien Zombie ;)

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